Top 10 Salt Brands Available in India

Indian Salt Industry is the third largest manufacturer of salt in the world. Top salt producing states of India are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha.

Tata Salt


Tata Salt is the biggest packaged salt brand in India and also among India’s most trusted brands. The iodized salt brand is owned by Tata Group and advertise as the Desh Ka Namak.

Surya Salt


Surya Salt by Saboo Sodium Chloro is holds the second largest market of Indian salt industry share after Tata Salt. The Company also has largest Salt Refinery in North India and has three premier brands of table salt in India.

Nirma Shudh


Nirma group of companies products and major consumer brands are cosmetics, soaps, detergents,Soda Ash and Nirma Shudh salt. The company is very successful Indian brand and produce edible & industrial salt.

Aashirvaad Salt


Aashirvaad iodised brand of salt owned by ITC and obtained by evaporating sea water, ITC is a leading FMCG company of India and the kitchen products also include Atta, spices and Instant mixes.

Annapurna Salt


Annapurna Salt by Hindustan Unilever is another popular brand of salt available in India. Annapurna also provides a range of products at affordable prices such as Crystal Salt and Annapurna Atta.


I shakti brand is again owned by Tata Chemicals and one of the most popular salt brand in India after Tata Salt. The packaged iodised salt brand holds good share of Indian salt market.

Saffola Salt


Saffola Salt is another alternative to regular table salt produce by marico limited. The leading consumer products company also own brands like Saffola, Nihar hair oil and unique Parachute and Set Wet deo brand.

Patanjali Namak

Patanjali Ayurved company of India manufactures mineral, herbal products and consumer goods. The company produces products in the categories of personal care, food and grocery products like Agarbatti Incense Stick, shampoo soap, toothpaste and salt.

Sambhar Salt


Hindustan salts limited is owned by the Government of India and manufacture good quality edible and industrial salt from Sambhar Salt Lake of Rajasthan.

Puro Salt


Himalayan pink salt is also a rock salt used as a food additive and offers numerous health benefits. The Puro Himalayan salt is very popular by its distinctive pink color and said healthier than common salt.

Kala namak (काला नमक and सेंधा नमक) rock salt also known as Himalayan black salt, used as medicine in Ayurveda and extensively used in Indian cuisines.

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