Top 15 Most Popular Soap Brands in India

Ayurved soap brands are very popular now a days in India with natural ingredients like Neem, rose, Aloe vera and turmeric and tulsi. Here is the list of top 15 most popular bathing soap brands in India for Men and Women.



Lifebuoy soap brand is one of the most popular product of Unilever, also sold in nearly 60 other countries. The antibacterial soap manufactured in India and now updated with other colors with different aromas.



Cinthol soap is a flagship personal care brand of Godrej Group, also has strong presence in consumer goods in India and deal with refrigerators, automatic washing machine and wardrobes.



Reckitt Benckiser brand Dettol is the famous soap brand in India, RB is also into the business of producer of health, hygiene and home products like medicine Strepsils, Durex, Lysol and Vanish.



Lux soap is one of the top market leader in India and also has presence in more than 100 countries around the globe. The brand was promoting itself as the beauty soap of Bollywood actresses such as Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.


Liril was the most popular soap brand of India, currently manufactured by Hindustan Unilever and used to promote by Preity Zinta as freshness.



Dove soap and shampoo are fastest growing brand in India and its Beauty Bar has first choice of women across the country for beautiful skin.



Pears brand of soap now made in India by Hindustan Unilever and trusted for being gentle. The soap contains high quality skincare ingredients for healthy looking skin and gently moisturize skin.



Medimix is another most famous Indian brand of soap manufactured by Chennai based Cholayil Private company. The Ayurvedic/Herbal soap brand was one of the most trusted brand in India into the personal care category.


Hamam brand of soap was made in India and once a leading bath soap brand that sold in three different variations in India. The bathing soap bar was claim to offers refreshing bathing experience.



Margo brand of soap was also manufactured in India by Calcutta Chemical company with neem as main ingredient and among the top five selling soap brands in India during 2001.

Patanjali Soap

Patanjali Ayurved is into the business of mineral and herbal products, also the fastest growing FMCG company in India. India’s most trusted brands, Patanjali produces products with Ayurveda and natural components such as Dant Kanti toothpaste, Multani Mitti Soap and Aastha Agarbatti.



Himalaya is another Ayurved products company and offers India’s famous herbal products with cosmetics, soaps and medicines. Neem, turmeric, almond and rose are the natural ingredients used by Himalaya for personal care range of products and soap.

Mysore Sandal Soap


Mysore Sandal brand of soap by KSDL company of Karnataka government is the only soap in the world made from pure sandalwood oil and also own geographical indication tag on the soap. The sandalwood oil soap is the most popular and India’s most loved sandal soap with variants of Rose Milk Cream, Jasmine Cream, Orange Lime and Cologne Lavender.

Godrej No1 Soap


GodrejNo1 bathing soap brand keeps your skin glowing and offers you best natural way to beauty with ingredients chosen from nature. Godrej No. 1 is third largest soap brand by volume in India and also one of the highest selling soap brand in the country.

Venus Soap

Venus cream bar bath soap makes your skin soft, nourishes and absolutely stunning. The soap brand is owned by RSPL Group who also own Ghadi detergent, entered into the popular segment of skin care with a simple vision of Venus bath soap in India.

Popular Soap Brands in India also Includes:

Biotique Orange body soap is an affordable Ayurvedic product, with pure orange zest, turmeric and fruit & vegetable extracts.

Santoor Soap


Santoor is a flagship brand of Wipro, one of the fastest growing FMCG Companies in India and other key brands of Wipro in India include Yardley, Chandrika and Softouch.

Fiama Di Wills

Fiama Di Wills brand is owned by ITC Limited, The popular Indian personal care brand offers products such as bathing bars, shampoos, conditioner, shower gels and body wash.

Vivel Bar


Vivel bathing soaps and bars is a product of ITC and available in seven different variety and listed as one of the most popular personal care brand for Indian women.

Biotique Orange

Biotique Bio Orange soap nourishes the skin with natural Vitamins, The brand offers Indian traditional medicine in the form of soap, makeup made with organic ingredients.

  • Tata Skye
  • Nivea Creme

Tata as a brand owner of Star Bazaar is also getting into the business of household essentials like Tata baby diaper pants, bathing soap brand Skye, detergent brand Klia by by Tata Chemicals.

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