Know Various Styles in Elegant Western Style Gown Dress

Nowadays, many Indian women like to wear western dresses for casual and formal events. Today, gowns are hot favourites among modern women of all ages. They choose gowns as elegant party wear and also to wear on several social occasions like weddings or corporate events. A gown can make a woman look smart and gorgeous and makes her the centre of attraction in any gathering mainly during the evening parties. You can easily find stylish gown dress these days for women with varying body shapes and size.


Different Styles and Designs Created in Gown Dress for Indian Women

  • The gowns are always created in free-flowing style mostly extending to touch the floor. But the top part of the gown is usually well fitted and it is flared below the waist. Though knee-length or mini sized gowns are available in European countries, the toe-length gowns are mostly available and preferred in the Indian market.
  • Though a gown dress is often created from a single fabric in single colour several gowns are available, where the top portion is in contrast to the lower flared part. Usually, darker shades, like black or deep blue or maroon are greatly favoured for the gowns, due to their stunning attractiveness and clarity of the embroideries on those colours. But sometimes, fluorescent colours are also used for making striking gowns for the young ladies.
  • Some gowns are heavily embroidered on the upper fitted area of the dress keeping in mind the love for embroideries among Indian women; while the lower flaring part is left as plain. This embroidery can be of contrasting coloured silk threads or similar coloured to the base colour of the gown. But in some gowns, the lower skirt may be created of printed silk while the top part is made of dark coloured silk or georgette.
  • The ball gown type is a favourite party wear gown among the fashionable women of all countries. This attire looks great on pear shaped or rectangle shaped body, due to its great volume in the skirt portion; while the thinner women may think of avoiding it, as their figure will be completely lost in this type of gown.
  • The gowns are mostly made of soft and light fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, organza, crepe, net, satin and velvet, which can enhance the elegant beauty of the wearer with the brightness of the fabric and also provide comfort to the wearer.
  • A-line gown is another favourite type of free-flowing gown, where the shape of the skirt portion resembles ‘A’, due to its unique shape that extends towards the hemline.
  • The mermaid style gown is made to be tight fitting till the knee region and flaring downwards to reach the floor length, which is quite similar to the trumpet style of gown. But this dress suits only very slim women with hourglass type of figures, as it showcases the abdominal and hip region very clearly.
  • The gowns created by Indian fashion designers are mostly sleeveless, short-sleeved or full-sleeved, so one can buy as per the occasion and preference. The off-shoulder variety of gowns is quite rare here, as it is not so popular among many Indian women.
  • Sheath is another style of gown, where the entire dress has narrow shape, from the neckline to the bottom hem. But this gown is suitable only for extremely slim women as it makes the extra fats of the body too prominent.

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