The 10 Famous Rock Bands of India

India is well known for its classical and folk music, Varanasi is famous for its music Garana. Indian rock is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of Indian classical music and mainstream rock. India itself continued to produce bands in various styles of rock music, from soft rock and roll and rock pop, to hard rock and metal. The current Indian rock scene has a larger following than ever and may soon become recognized in the international. India has produced many rock bands, some of whom have made it into mainstream Indian music. Agnee is the first Indian rock band to have seen a huge celebrated main stream release, and Shruti Haasan Band name Extramentals is the first girl band in India. Euphoria, a rock band from the capital city Delhi is most famous band in India. Their unique style of music with mixed electric guitar and traditional instruments like the tabla, dholak and sitar helped them gain an audience. Aizawl,The first Indian rock band with an international release and the first Indian band to be nominated for the Grammy award. Biggest platform for Rock Bands in India are the Independence Rock Festival Mumbai, Rock In India Bangalore, June Rock Out Chennai and The Hornbill National Rock in Northeast India. The Great Indian Rock festival was mostly held in Delhi, now foraying into Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Indian Ocean (Delhi): Indian Ocean is a contemporary rock band from the capital city of India, Delhi. The rock band has so far compiled music from different genres, including fusion, Indian, rock and jazz. This is the best band of Delhi, meanwhile Delhi’s music bands are well famous rock bands in India. Indian Ocean has performed across all over India, latest performance of Indian Ocean was in Pune in 2011. Some notable bands from Delhi include Parikrama, Hundred Octane, Indian Ocean and Them Clones.Avial (Kerala): The Avial band’s music is a fusion of native folk music and alternative Rock from Kerala. The band is named after the popular South Indian dish Avial. There are very few local language bands and Avial is become the first ever alternative Malayali Rock band. Avial next album expected to be released in February 2011. Another famous rock band in Kerala is MotherJane, formed in 1996 and know for different styles like progressive rock and Carnatic music.LBG (Little Babooshka’s Grind) (Chennai): The LBG is one of the pioneers of performing original music in Chennai. The album ‘Bad Children’ is the LBG’s first full-length studio music video and was the big hit. Chennai has a huge talented community of young musician, another best bands in Chennai is Junkyard Groove.Tripwire (Mumbai): Tripwire band form the city of dreams mumbai,is the first punk band in India. Tripwire took Indian punk rock to the next level by being the first punk band ever to be chosen to play. Tripwire was formed in 2002 and has been playing shows across the country promoting Punk Rock. Famous Mumbai rock bands includes Black,The Works (Band), Zodiac, Khiladi, Asylum and Garden Of Thorns.Fossils (Kolkata): Fossils–A Bangla Rock band formed in Kolkata, West Bengal in 1998. Fossils is one of the best and mostly popular band who  performs in the Bengali language. Their music is flavoured by a blend of blues, alternative rock, and psychedelia In 2004 their second album, entitled Fossils 2 was the biggest hit album. Other most popular rock bands in Kolkata includes Cassini’s Division, Pseudonym, Hobos, bhoomi and Cactus.Thermal and a quarter (TAAQ) (Bangalore): Thermal and a Quarter is a rock band based in Bangalore,they describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’. Thermal and a quarter was notable for their focus on original music. They were among the first groups in Asia to make their music available under a creative commons. TAAQ has earned the enviable reputation of being a pioneering Indian Rock band. Bangalore bands also includes Raghu Dixit Project, Kryptos, Abondoned Agony and Inner Sanctum.Soulmate (Shillong): The band created history by being the first and only blues band ever to represent India. Soulmate band is from Shillong Meghalaya, inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues and the Blues-rocks. India’s Northeast in general and Shillong in particular is widely regarded as the “Rock Capital of India”. Northeast India popular bands includes Girish & The Chronicles (Gangtok), Escape Velocity (Guwahati), Magdalene (Mizoram) and Soulmate (Shillong).Microtone (Hyderabad): This band has carved its own unique niche in the Indian rock scene, fusing rock with funk to give an uplifting style of rock. Microtone is considered to be one of the first bands of underground Indian rock from hyderabad. Hard Rock Cafe is the best platform for these rockers to perform. Hyderabad well known bands also includes Evergreen, Asian Heat, Wreckage and Native Tongue.Silver (Pune): Silver, an experimental band created three year ago with the very intention of creating original music, from Pune. The famous rock band from pune has represented India in Taiwan at Asian beat. Nemesis and prosody bands are also known for its performance and original music in Pune. Highway 61 rock band in another famous band in Pune.Nicotine (Indore): Nicotine is a Metal Rock band from Indore,came into existence in few years back. Nicotine band is well known for its original music and probably the most known band from the central part of the country. Other famous bands from the “heart of India“are Overdrive and Unforbidden Souls.


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    As part of our efforts to promote Rock Music in India, we are looking for Non-English Rock Bands from across India. Any rock band there is, who primarily create music in any Indian language please contact us. We are open to any Indian language- Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi (yeah 😀 you heard that right), Marathi,etc., ANY INDIAN LANGUAGE!!!!

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    • dattatreya dutta says:

      Hi we are a punk rock band from kolkata.We do punk rock in bengali, We have a demo cd with 2 songs and currently looking for a label, Can you guys help us?

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    • BLOODROCKZ is a Kashmiri Sufi rock band formed in 2005, founded by guitarist Adnan Muhammad. Band has released 3 singles as lots to come from them as the pioneer of the Sufi genre moment.ACHIEVEMENTS:
      1. Released the 1st Rock Song Of J&K and topped the charts on for 7 months.
      2. Winner of 1st “The Battle Of Bands”.
      3. Appreciated at “India’s Got Talent” and cleared 4 rounds.
      4. Invited to perform at IIT, Guwahati and Doon PG College.
      5. Did the 1st Road Show of the Valley.
      6. Invited by BBC WORLD RADIO (Delhi Studio) for an interview.
      7. Founder (Adnan Muhammad) was the Judge of the 2nd “The Battle Of Bands”.

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    luv u guys.healing our souls from your divine n soulful music.keep up the gud work .

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    love u guys …….. wish if i were a part of u……..!!:)

  • Smrijit says:

    Have You ever listen Mohiner Ghoraguli(The first proper Indian band) or Fossils….then the list would be different.

  • arun prax says:

    avial is the best indian metal rock band.
    Avial u rockz….
    Aanakallan rockz
    tony rockz

  • naval says:

    i have heard agnee and faridkot but can’t which genre they belong….

  • hi I write songs in hindi and urdu I want to be a part of any band that can utilize my poetries ,those who feel that its a great idea plz contact me at [email protected]

  • ALPANA DEY says:

    as a journalism student this year i need to make magazine nd my jounr is musical band in india……….. i can c very less info about al d band can u hlp me frm wr will i get relevant information nd maximum information……pls hlp me

    • admin says:

      Hi Alpana, First you need to know all the most popular bands of India then start searching about them one by one. As of now there is no source from where you could get all relevant information at one place use google some other related websites for information.

  • shailendra pratap says:

    Hi… im a guitarist and play riffs of metal and rock songs.. can i get a job sumwhere…???????

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    where did PARIKRAMA go ??? it isn’t there in d list

  • ashwani lamba says:

    Hi! guys it’s cool to see all the things here. I hope one day we will ROCK the world and get this guy some cool music to be proud of, thanks.

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    Thank you

    • jay says:

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  • Aakii says:

    CuZ of bullshit crap bands like Indian ocean and most of the above the India has never won ema vma ama Grammys etc and never will make it to there cuz of chikni Chameli and shella and munni…someone has to go and take up the cause and do something…I have a band we’ve Playin for a few months we r locally popular we’ve an ep with some demo tapes…if anyone wanna help us out ull be appreciated..We only make English songs

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    • pushpesh kranti says:

      what a shame on you…!!!…how dare you to say about the INDIAN OCEAN band as bullshit…indian ocean is one of the best band in the world .this band never bound to any one genere.and i can take guaranree about you tha you wil lnever succeed in ur band.because you are not going to do something are likely to sing english song which shows the colonialisation of your mind.

      • Delhi Belly says:

        Well, Indian Ocean may be one of India’s best “rock” bands, but to compare to the world’s best is a joke. And there are many international rock bands, like Rush, that experiment with their music.
        Widen your horizons, man, cause India will never have a world popular rock band {with emphasis on rock}.
        Peace out.
        And, if you are such a big fan of Indian Ocean, go kill yourself, ’cause you are doomed to remain a douche, you middle-aged nincompoop.

    • Anil says:

      Mail me the details of your band and all contact details. I m doing an article on Indian rock bands.
      Look forward to hear from u

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    • Rahul says:


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    You are rock dude. cool i am also a part of band in nagpur but you are sooooo good …….friends i am a keyboard player.


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    Can u please provide the contact info of the bands mentioned above as we r going to organise Annual day function in our college….So we r intrested to Hire any 1 of themm……

  • says:

    we need show …it’s a rock band…if any one interest about our band plz mail us……

  • Wizzy says:

    Its kind of horrible when you put a non-ROCK genre band in the list of top 10 ROCK bands !!!! Bhoomi is definitely not a rock band, it is a folk band,and soulmate as I know their genre is blue not pure rock. So it is top 10 rock band or top 10 most popular band or top 10 band. Clarify please.

  • Anirban says:

    Guys just check.. Bhoomi is not at all a rock band of kolkta..they do folk that case it should be either fossils or cactus on the list. Bt, compared to popularity between these two, cactus is nowhere near fossils..! Just check your database guys..

  • yule alberona says:

    where the hell is Boomarang (Aizawl)!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Yule, About Aizawl i have mention in the first paragraph of article. The first Indian rock band with an international release and the first Indian band to be nominated for the Grammy Award.

  • Partha Pratim Kundu says:

    Bhoomi is not a rock band at all, rather it is folk. Please give Fossils’s name instead Bhoomi.

  • Nicks says:

    In this time almost all d band plays metllica …but this time people wants some soulfull songs……example: agnee is best in both types of music……

  • Pranav says:

    does a rock band has to have a bass guitarist. I’m forming a band in pune with 2 guitarist, a pianist, drummer and a vocalist but i dont knw any bass guitarist. Plz rply

    • VIKU says:

      hi pranav its viku here n im from pune….im a guitarist n im playing it from 6mnths n i cn sing songs well in hindi,tamil,telugu,malayalm n english too(soft) so cn u help me out….do u have ny need of a vocal..
      if so plzzz mail me at:[email protected]

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    Where is the PARIKRAMA Dear…

  • Bicky Paul says:

    If you are looking for a christian rock band then Soldier X is good.For Booking call 9373900080.

  • SamueL Songungou says:

    Where is magdalene, themclones, boomarang, etc..dudes?? They deserve to be there. Bdw, magdalene plays REAL rock listen to ‘life beyond death’ u will jump out of your seat. The vocalist is my close friend and so is boomarang’s vocalist too. Well, nice write…im a guitarist myself and formed UNWRITTEN PAGES but i quit everything coz i know you will never make it big being an indian. I wanted to be like the metallicas or the iron maidens..but im not an american. So no chance! Nw i teach music, have a good guitar collction and im doin MBA + writing songs and music…just for my amusement! Thnks..

    • admin says:

      Hey Samuel, Thanks for the info i will sure add these too. In my opinion you should not quit, don’t compare your band with other non Indian bands and there is nothing like Indian and American. You should keep performing at your best to be famous.
      All the best…


  • Tanuj Khosla says:

    I am a budding lyricist and would like to write lyrics for bands. I can compose them in both English and Hindi and am comfortable with all genres. I can send across a few samples of my work on request. Please mail me at [email protected] if interested.

  • Avishek Roy says:

    Fossils (Kolkata) is Rocksssssssss

  • Rahul says:


    I am Rahul from Hamirpur State – Himachal Pradesh.Currently m staying in Delhi. Actually i am playing guitar. But m just begainer and playing Guitar from last 7 to 8 month. And also i can sing soft songs. i want to join Band. So please if any 1 have requirement than contact with me. My mobile No – +918130021998. email id – [email protected]


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    Hii everyone .i wanna start a rockband soo where do i kick-off …

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    YO!! Avial !! u guys rock always!! such a brilliant band from God’s Own Country!! cheers:)

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    great work on compiling these excellent bands but i think mother jane should have made the list

  • NAVIN says:

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  • Arky Nelson says:

    Hello everyone! I’m a guitarist from Shillong and I want to start my carrier as a musician. I want to form a rock band. I’m not a qualified musician ( studying staff notations ) but I do practise different styles. Can anyone help me out…..

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  • joseph eapen says:

    well i have been listning to all kinds of music and found this music video of a small band called Of Monsters and Men. a folk/indie pop band from Iceland.
    anything similar to this style aroud in india. i am a cg artist have been traveling around . but i try to keep track of the global music scene. i was also looking for some music like this from some small band in india. to make a music video in my free time. i might be off again soon for another movie job but will be back later in the year. any band sugestions anyone?

  • rahul mukerji says:

    i just cant find Motherjane in the list!!!!

  • Sahil Gahlot says:

    Hello everyone…..
    i m Sahil Gahlot from Delhi…..i play guitar and m a singer also….i had a band in Jaipur but unfortunately we had to rip apart… 🙁
    now i want to join a rock band in Delhi…..if any one can help me out with this thn plss let me know…

    thank you. 🙂

    • ankur massey says:

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    My english is not so good. Hope u will understand me…
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    @admin… I found this page really nice and clean with point to information. I liked it, only passionate or u can say non-time persons (hold my English 🙂 ) are here. You are doing really a good job, I just loved this page. I have not seen remaining website yet but it is looking seriously damn good. Great work keep doing.

  • Rushi says:

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  • Madhu andy says:

    Hi its me andy.
    Am a english country singr in chennai…i was sang at goa in bars and clubs.
    I wish to sing any english band in chennai.

  • sushil.kumar says:

    Famous Indian Rock Bands Agnee,Indian ocean,Fossil etc.. please do concert in Kathmandou, Nepal.

  • akshay kumar says:

    I have been learning playing saxophone in new Delhi from last one and half year and am looking forward to join some band where i can play to get more precision in playing sax.looking forward to get positive response.

  • Aman Sahay says:

    why has nobody mentioned “ZERO”
    they were the pioneers of indian rock music scene

  • Mansi says:

    Great list. I’ve seen Microtone live and they were amazing!

  • hey dis is avijit frm bangalore. i am a guitarist, i want to be a part of gud band if any1 needs me plz contact me 8904781424 [email protected]

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  • Hardik says:

    What about AGNI ?

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    • Abhilash Benny says:

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      im intrested to jion in your band so im able play drums mean only thapala and dolak only and also ii”l sing better

  • Mitesh Changela says:

    hi guys i am Mitesh Changela i am finding Mr. Eso Thomus a best guitarist from Kerla(India) if any body have contact pl.let me know. my email id is [email protected] and contact no. 09825673620

  • karmacash says:

    purple blood and the down troddence are good upcoming bands from Kerala. You may want to update your list.

  • Alan says:

    Honestly, Indian bands suck, they can’t make you bang your head, Indians are pathetic when it comes to metal music.

  • vishal raju says:

    Where is motherjaane ?

  • Guys Check out Barefaced Liar Live performance

  • Basukidutta says:

    i THNK two of the most famous rock bands in india are Parikrama n indus creed but its not in the list.

  • Avik says:

    where is parikrama ,indus creed,agnee,raghu dixit project,???

  • Boon Tips says:

    Hey Guys, I am a freelance filmmaker working in Mumbai. If any one of your band wants to make a music video then I am here to help you out. Check my work on youtube by searching for “Bawra Mann SRFTI”. Thanx a lot Guys!!!

  • The Firangees are one of the best pop rock artists in India. Their sound is fresh, catchy and stands somewhere in between the commercial Bollywood releases and independent music.

  • Mekey says:

    you can also large collection of music/ images/ videos/ android apps from this website I just found while browsing:

  • coolhargo says:

    Wt abt DRISHTI…

  • Dogma Tone says:

    hmm.. Parikrama, Pentagram..? kryptos, Demonic Resurrection..?

  • Rahul Jain says:

    Half of these are random, old, and non-existent bands. What about modern bands like Shair n Func (, Pentagram (, Antariksh (, Faridkot, Raghu Dixit etc.

  • jyoti says:

    why are there no girls in bands?Do they lack competence or the strength to perform with all set of guys who can move around anywhere at any point of time

  • ReVolver says:

    I agree that there’s talent in this country. But they are hardly ever allowed into the mainstream. There has never been a band that shook the whole country. Probably because we are still caught up in movie songs. It’s about time we shed that part of our culture, because it is only limiting what we can do with our music.

  • FaintCryofFreedom says:

    Hello, what about Raghu Dixit??

  • imran ahmad says:

    imran ahmad
    this all band are nothing to show. just being a old. india is changing repidedly and new sensationaly band is going to
    holding the positon. i would like to mention one of great band which have not more than 4 band member but the thier style is different from each other not imitation nor not bogus ideas thinking independently and active at every point of time
    band name is BROKEN HEARTS
    manager and lead vocalist
    imran ahmad – guitar & dramer
    manish kumar – bass guitar
    ishaan raj – jambe and keyboard
    ayush shukla – guitar aocustic

  • piyush says:

    hello, i am piyush . I write typical bollywood songs and gajals……. interested person can contact me on the following email
    [email protected]

  • Babita Goswami says:

    Susmit Sen, one of the best indian guitarist co-founded indian ocean band… You can like his page on Facebook..

  • SaMuel Lkr says:

    Girish And The Chronicles – Angel… they good. Vocals powerful with stamina.Vocalist recently got married. Just lend your ears for a while people

  • NIDHI says:


  • Social Media USA says:

    Great list, I found a bunch of musicians on Affimity’s Music channel as well. You guys should check it out! Awesome stuff.

  • Ambika Sharma says:

    I need urgent info on best Indian Fusion bands for an International Event at Korea!

  • says:

    Checkout the Sri Lankan English bands and English soloists via this site:
    Also follow their fb page for regular updates:

  • Anil Yadav says:

    i want to book best band in my marriage function… so please contact me on below email with complete details.
    Email- [email protected]

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