The 9 Best Rock Bands of North East India

North East India, The unexplored paradise on earth is not only bless with natural beauty,unique culture and rare wildlife, It is also very rich in music,traditional dance and instruments. The unique style of classical and folk music of north east makes it one of the hot spot of music industry in India. Shillong is well known as the Rock Capital of India for its best rock bands and famous Hornbill National Rock Contest. The Rock Bands of Northeast India are very rich in various styles of rock music, from soft rock and roll and rock pop, to hard rock and metal. Seven sister states with one brother has number of rock bands who are very famous locally as well as went international to perform. There are also various non-resident Indians who have formed bands rooted in Indian culture.

Soulmate -Shillong: The rock capital of India, Shillong is home to one of the most successful blue band in India Soulmate. Soulmate band created history by being the first and only blues band ever to represent India in the world. The north-east band was formed by lead guitarist,singer and songwriter Rudy Wallang and vocalist Tipriti Kharbangar. Aberrant another rock band from Shillong is crowned as ‘Meghalaya Icon III” at a rock music competition in Meghalaya. There are so many famous rock bands in Meghalaya some of them are Plague throat’s, Maestro,Aberrant,The Czars, Eye 2 Eye,Verbs, Dosser’s Urge and Afflatus the only girls rock band from the city.Soulmate-Band-ShillongLucid Recess -Guwahati: Lucid Recess is an alternative metal rock band from the city Guwahati, Assam. One of the best Indian metal band was formed in the spring of 2004 by brothers Siddharth and Amitabh Barooa. Lucid Recess is emerged as one of the most powerful metal band in Guwahati. The alternative metal band has won the Toto Award for Music 2011. Other best rock bands from Assam are Escape Velocity, Huworoni,Celestial doom,Tiprasa and Rampazze.Alobo Naga -Dimapur: Alobo Naga, the best rock bands from the Indian state Nagaland. The most musical state Nagaland is very rich in terms of music and dance and Alobo Naga was formed by talented and crazy Naga’s in the summer of 2010. Alobo Naga & the band is the first band from North East region to be in the Top 10 Countdown list of international music channel “The Hornbill National Rock Contest” is a National-level contest and the longest music festival in the country is hosted by Nagaland during the Hornbill Festival. Other most famous rock band from the music state are Melodrama,Sunep Assemble Band,Incipit,Kronik,Eastern Hatz, Trojans,Blue Clover band and Divine Connection.

Alobo-Nagaband-DimapurMagdalene -Aizawal: Magdalene is a Christian Rock band from the North East of Mizoram. The Alternative Rock Band Magdalene was formed in 2005 and got their name ‘Magdalene’ from the Bible. The Powerful Rock band of Mizo people is one of the best band and become one of the premier north east bands. After the great success of their first album, The gospel band has released its self titled second album consists of 10 different tracks. Other famous bands from Mizoram are Mizo Band Garage,Scavengers and Mizo Rock bands.Magdalene-AizwalAlien Gods -Itanagar: Alien Gods is the Death Metal band of North East from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. The Local rock group ‘Alien Gods’ is formed in 2005 with many talented members of music. Most of the members of Alien Gods band had been already involved in local concert of music for last many years. The Metal band from Arunachal Pradesh has performed all over the north eastern states of India,Its is one of best known bands from the seven sister states. The other best rock bands from Arunachal Pradesh are Mangalz,Symmetry Clan and The Vinyl Records.Alien Gods -ItanagarCleave -Imphal: Cleave The Rock Band of Imphal, Manipur is one of the Superstar Band from north east states. The talented members of Cleave Rock bands are the winner of Manipur Rock Fest of year2009-2010, Including best Vocalist,best Bassists and best Drummer. There are so many growing new Bands in Manipur and getting popular for the talent of music they perform, Some of them are Stepping Stones, Recycle, Cygnus, Dazzle City and Angellica. Don’t forget the best bands of Manipur during the late Nineties like The Cannibals,Phynyx and The Dark Krusaders.Cleave-ImphalHorjwlai -Agartala: Horjwlai, One of the most promising Rock Bands from the North East India, Tripura. Rock band Horjwlai us formet in mid 2004 by some crazy music lovers from the state. The Metal rock band Horjwlai is one of the best Metal Band from the Tripura state as well as from Northeast India. Shadows,Swraijak and Dabanol Band and Twijlang an alternative Metal Rock Band are few famous Rock Bands in Tripura.Horjwlai -AgartalaStill Waters -Gangtok: Still Waters The best rock band from the only brother of seven sister state of India,Sikkim. The rock band from Gangtok was formed in July-Aug’ 2001 and got famous after performed in the country’s biggest rock music festival the Great Indian Rock. Sikkim has some of best rock band in the north east region who had performed well outside India like Girish “n the Chronicles and the Phynyx. Other best rock bands from the state are Girish “n the Chronicles,DamagEra,Dream Diabolic and the Phynyx first ever all-girl rock band from Sikkim.Still-Waters-GangtokSinister Violence -Darjeeling: Darjeeling is well know for its beauty and always been famous for its musicians and distinct style of music. Sinister Violence a Blackened Death Metal band from Darjeeling was formed in the early 2009 by Gyaltzen Anil and other members. Darjeeling has given birth to numerous bands and the latest and the most ferocious band to have existed from this peaceful town is Sinister Violence. The Sikkimese Beatles was the first and best rock band from Darjeeling, other famous bands are Mary Jane,Diamonds,baraka and Kavya. Mantra is a Nepali rock band that originated from Darjeeling.Sinister Violence -Darjeeling


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