Traditional Women’s Fashion and Trends in India

There is fashion of everything in India, every state has it’s own way of fashion. Clothing in India varies widely as per culture, religion and climate. Most common clothes for women’s in India is Saree, ghagra choli and salwar suits with ornaments. Traditional fashion ornaments includes Necklace, Bangles, Waist Chain, earrings and anklets. Western fashion have become common among India, which is some how traditional but stylish such as tattoo and piercing and wild fashion accessories.

Salwar Kameez: Salwar Kameez an authentic Indian wear, worn by both men and women in India, Salwar Kameez with dupatta is women’s wear. There are several types of Salwar in fashion for girls, some of them are known as Churidar, Anarkali suits, Indian kurta and Salwar Suits. Salwar is one of the most popular traditional dress for females in India.

Gagra Choli: Fashion of Lehenga Choli has been in India since the historical era of the royal’s.Gagra Choli is a traditional dress worn by girls in Rajasthan,Gujrat and North India. The two piece clothing is one of the most preferred party wear of young people,importantly on festivals, pujas or weddings. Gagra Cholis can be classified into Lehenga Choli, Chaniya Choli, Sharara, and Lachcha.Saree: A Sari or Saree is four to nine meters strip of un stitched cloth, that is draped over the body in various styles. Saree is the traditional wear of beautiful Indian women’s and  Stylish sarees are always in fashion, chick look in saree makes an impact to the viewers.  The timeless beauty of saris has many styles of draping, though some styles do require a sari of a particular length.Long Skirts: The trends of fashionable skirts are very much in India from the ancient age. Indian Skirts are very comfortable and gives a traditional and ethnic look with the distinctive fashion style and fashion appeal. These ethnic long skirts go by a variety of names like jaipuri skirt, rajasthani skirts with various types of designs and patterns.


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