Lion Safari in Sasan Gir National Park of Gujarat

The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the dry forest area and the fully protected area in India, located at 55 KM from Junagadh in Gujarat.


Gir National Park is the sole home of the Asiatic Lions also known as the great Indian Lions,The carnivores group includes 411 Asiatic lions, 300 Indian Leopards and Jungle cats.


Ecosystem of Gir, with its diverse flora and fauna makes it one of the most important protected areas in Asia due to its supported species.


The distinct fauna species of Gir includes species of mammals,birds, species of reptiles and insects.


Sasan-Gir forest has 52,490 spotted deer, 4,440 wild boar, 4,000 sambar, 2,890 blue bull, 740 chinkara, and 290 four-horned antelope.


Gir region become extremely hot summers from March to 15 June, Gir forest temperature soar during peak in summer and temperatures can drop during the nights.


All the lake,Dams and natural water resouces get dry during summer, sasan gir forest department created man made water resources and fill it twice a day. Kamleshwar dam in the sasan gir forest has water for wild animals and other livestock’s.


Kamleshwar Dam is the location of Marsh Crocodiles breeding in Sasan Gir, It has significant population of Crocodiles. The dam is built over the river Hiran, and is called the life line of Gir.


The dry deciduous forests of Sasan Gir is also one of the best place for bird watching, It has around 300 species of birds, such as Crested Serpent Eagle, Short eared owl,Spotted Owl and paradise flycatcher.


One can find couple of green places while roaming in the eight route of Gir National park and can spot amazing and unique wild animal and wildlife.


The Sasan Gir National Park of Gujarat offers one of the best and unique wildlife tour, One of the dry forest in India,dry deciduous forest, thorny forest and savanna and provide valuable habitat for great Indian Lions.


Bird watching at Sasan Gir National Park is one of the most pleasant experience, There is small walking path in the ticket complex where one can spot many species of birds.


At the Devaliya Interpretation Park near the Sasan Gir forest, one can spot Nilgai Chinkara, Blackbuck, one of the endangered animals of India.


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Asiatic lions also known as the “Indian lion” are one of five big cats found in India, only restricted to the Gir National Park. Asiatic Lion Reintroduction Project is there to to provide safeguards to the Asiatic lion.

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