Leopard Safari in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka

The Kabini reservoir separates the two parks of Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park, The rich forest cover area of Kabini has a healthy predator-prey ratio.

Flagship species of Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary are Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Gaur,Indian elephants,Sloth bear, dhole dog and melanistic black leopard or the black panther also known as the Ghost of Kabini.

Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)


The Kabini backwaters and surrounding jungle offers high chances of tiger sighting and a paradise of big cats in South India. Nagarhole National Park along with the adjoining Bandipur is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and park has a healthy population of Tigers and Indian leopards.


Indian Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca)


Indian Leopard is the second largest big cat found in Kabini, after the Tiger and this spotted wild feline is simply gorgeous.


The lonely leopards of Kabini are the main wild animals for tourism and there are around 100 leopards in Kabini wildlife sanctuary.


Black Panther (Felis fusca)


The melanistic leopards are called Black Panther in India, Also known as Phantom of the Forest or Ghost of Kabini. Nagarhole National Park in Kabini of Karnataka is one of the best known places in India to spot rare and elusive Black Panther in the forest.

Gaur/Indian Bison


The Gaur is the largest species of wild cattle found in India, listed as Vulnerable and also the tallest of wild cattle. The evergreen forest of Kabini has strongholds of Gaur, particular in Nagarhole – Bandipur complex has about 2,000 individuals.

Indian Muntjac/Barking Deer


Indian muntjac is known as barking deer, One of the lesser known deer species found in India. The barking deer are short and brownish species and its calls sound like barking and Male deer have canine tooth.

Stripe Necked Mongoose


Stripe necked mongoose is a beautiful species of Indian mongoose found only in the dense forest of southern India, mostly distributed in the Western Ghats. The diurnal rusty brown mongoose is one of the known 6 species of mongoose found in the Indian subcontinent.

Indian Grey Mongoose


Indian grey mongoose is a very common species of mongoose found in India, mainly found in jungle and urban area of the Indian subcontinent. The grey mongoose lives in burrows, usually found singly and preys on variety of rodents, snakes and lizards.

Smooth Coated Otter


Smooth coated otter species found in most of the river, dam backwaters, wetlands and seasonal swamps and ponds in the Indian subcontinent. They are protected species in most of the wildlife range and one of the three species of otters found in India.

Mugger Crocodile


Mugger or marsh crocodile is native to freshwater habitats of Indian rivers, mostly preys on fish, birds and mammals. The Indian crocodile is one of the three crocodilians found in the Indian subcontinent, potentially dangerous to humans and Mugger Crocodile can reach up to 18 ft in size.

Indian Pond Terrapin


Indian black turtle also known as Indian terrapin is a medium-sized species of freshwater turtle found in India. The freshwater Indian pond terrapin inhabits a wide variety of water bodies and watering holes, very common turtle in India and Nepal.

Banded Hornet (Vespa affinis)


Lesser banded hornet is a medium sized common hornet found in India as well as in subtropical Asia. The nest of Vespa affinis hornet are built low in shrubs, high in trees and also known for aggressive behavior and powerful sting.

Giant Wood Spider (Nephila pilipes)


Giant golden orb weaver spider found in dense forest of India but also very commonly found in secondary forest and gardens. The Nephila pilipes is one of the biggest spider in the world and the females of species are much larger than male, 4–10 times larger than the male counterparts.

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian giant squirrel is a arboreal and diurnal tree squirrel, native to forest of Western Ghats and Satpura Range. The tree squirrel is the largest species of squirrels found in India and is the state animal of Maharashtra, know as Shekaru in Marathi.

Birds Found in Kabini Backwaters

From the top Forest Wagtail, Greater Cormorant, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Osprey and common blue Kingfisher.


Forest Wagtail has a distinctive plumage and also a unique feature of habit of wagging its tail sideways, rest of the other wagtail species do up and down movements.


There are many species of jungle and water birds found in Kabini backwaters as well as in the jungle such as Forest Wagtail, Osprey, Oriental Darter, Crested Serpent Eagle, Bar Headed Goose and Malabar Pied Hornbill.


Malabar pied hornbill is a large species of bird found in evergreen and moist deciduous forest of Western Ghats in India and one of the 9 species of hornbill in India.


Osprey is a very large bird of prey and fish eating raptor, always found nesting in and around any location near a body of water and a very common resident of India.


Woolly-necked stork is a medium-sized stork, distributed in a wide variety of habitats and breeds in Asia, from India to Indonesia.

The most commonly seen wild animals in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary are also include Indian elephants,Sloth bear, leopard, dhole dog, Indian bison, sambar deer, spotted deer and gray langur.

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