Wildlife Safari in Tadoba National Park of Maharashtra

Tadoba National park and Andhari wildlife sanctuary together known as name Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Tiger reserve is the largest national park in Maharashtra with total area of the reserve is 625.4 square kilometers.


Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is home to 88 Bengal Tigers and list of rare wild animals including Black Panther, honey badger, Indian leopards, sloth bears, jungle cats, barking deer, dhole dog and Indian marsh crocodile.


We started from Pune to NGP via train, reach CD railway station in the afternoon and stay put for rest of the day at Moharli village resort. Along with the Royal Bengal Tiger, The Leopard, Dhole, Sloth bear and Gaur collectively known as “Big Five of Tadoba”.


Took early morning Jeep Safari to core area of Moharli gate, covered the Telia Lake, Tadoba Lake and photographed some of the most beautiful birds of Tadoba.


Birds of Tadoba

Tadoba is not only famous for wild animals but also home to large number of bird species, Indian peacock, Indian roller are the two most common species of birds found in Tadoba.


The rich wildlife of the park is also a paradise for bird watchers and reptiles. Crested serpent eagle, changeable hawk eagle, buzzards are some of the true raptors of the park.

Indian Roller


The Indian roller is the most beautiful and colorful bird found in Tadoba, is the State Bird of Karnataka and Yellow-footed Green-pigeon is the state bird of Maharashtra.

White_Eyed_ Buzzard

White-eyed buzzard is a medium size bird of prey identified by its white iris and white throat. The species mostly found in dry and open forest habitat of India, eats lizards, small mammals and large insects.

Crested Honey Buzzard


Crested honey buzzard also known as oriental honey buzzard is a bird of prey found in India, The diurnal raptor is not related to buzzards but kites. Oriental honey buzzard breeds in India and a specialist feeder of honey, bees and wasps.

Grey Headed Fish Eagle


Grey headed fish eagle is a large raptor and a fish eating bird of prey found in the Indian subcontinent, live in lowland forest and close to bodies of water. The grey headed fish eagle is listed as near threatened because of rapid population decline throughout its range.

Common Buzzard


The common buzzard is a large hawk species that lives in most of the Indian subcontinent, more similar in body plan to Oriental honey buzzard.


Pied Kingfisher

You will see so many species of bird roaming around, Most common birds of Tadoba are Robin, Indian Roller, Rose-ringed parakeet, Hoopoes and pied kingfisher – one of the 12 species of kingfisher found in India.


Malabar grey hornbill is one of the 9 Most Beautiful Species of Hornbill Found in India,endemic to the Western Ghats.

Malabar Grey Hornbill

Malabar_Grey_ Hornbill

Great Egret

Around the Lake of Tadoba, Telia and water bodies at Mohrli village, one can spot large number of water birds such as Asian openbill, different species of ducks, cormorant and egret.


Owls Of Tadoba

The park is home to different species of owl as well, we were fortunate enough to spot three species of owl in Tadoba, Mottled Wood Owl, spotted owlet and Jungle owlet


Reptiles of the include crocodile, Indian monitor lizard, Indian cobra and the endangered Indian python.


Wild Animals of Tadoba

Keystone species of Tadoba are Dhole dogs, Slot bear, Indian leopards and Bengal Tigers, Black panther is very rare and only animal in Tadoba that has been sighted only for very few times.


There are chances of spotting a very rare black leopard in Tadoba, The melanistic leopard is a black colour variant of the Indian spotted leopard.

Dhole – The Wild Dog


Wild Dhole Dogs are another apex predator in Tadoba and part of the big 5 of Tadoba. The pack hunters share the forest with Tigers and Leopards.

Indian Grey Mongoose


Tadoba is a dense woodlands forest and predominant by Bamboo (60%), Teak tress (Sagwan), Tendu and Jamun trees along with Ghost tree of Tadoab.

Sambar Deer


Interesting species of Tadoba Tiger Reserve include stone curlew, Indian pitta, Indian gaur, striped hyena, sambar and barking deer.

Spotted Deer/Crocodile in One Frame


Tiger jungle safari offered at Tadoba National Park is the major tourist attraction of the park, one can book online Jeep Safari in advance at mahaecotourism website.

Indian Bison/Gaur


Indian muntjac is known as barking deer, Found across India and an omnivore deer species eats grass and occasionally scavenges.

Indian Muntjac/Barking Deer


Sterculia urens or kateera gum is known as ghost tree or known as the bhutya tree in Marathi, native to the Indian Subcontinent.

Ghost Tree of Tadoba


Six Gates of Tadoba

Mohurli, Tadoba, Kolsa are the major zones in Tadoba, Khutvanda, Kolara, Zari, Navegaon, Pangdi and Zari are the six gates in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.


Moharli zone is known for the best tiger spotting in Tadoba National Park and the next best is Kolara zone.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba

Summers are extremely hot in Tadoba and is the best time to visit Tadoba for 100 % tiger sighting. However IMO Dec to March is another best season to visit the park.


The park open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June only, remains closed on every Tuesday. Jeep and Canter Safari along with personal vehicle are allowed inside the park with proper documents and guide.

Rates/Timings of Jeep Safari in Tadoba


Timings of the Jeep Safari in Tadoba for the winter and summer 6.30 AM – 8.30 AM and 5 AM – 7 AM.


Book online permit at mahaecotourism 750/1000 per person, plus guide plus camera and cost for Gypsy is 3000 (approx) depending upon the season. Contact us for More Details and Tour – +91 – 9960198308


Famous Tigers of Tadoba


Tadoba is currently home to 80 tigers, Some of the most popular Tigers of Tadoba include Wagdoh, Scarface, Sonam, Madhuri, Amitabh, Shivaji, Sonam, Matkasur and Maya.

Maya – Current Queen of Tadoba

Tigers of_TATR

Maya is the current queen of Tadoba, Road around the Tadoba lake, is tourist friendly and is the most popular tigress at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.


Maya is the current queen of Tadoba, Mostly seen in and around Tadoba lake, entry route from Mohrli village gate.

Wagdoh: The Largest Male Tiger in India

Tiger Sisters of Telia – Sonam


Tiger Sisters of Telia was an documentary make on four tiger sisters – Mona, Geeta, Lara and Sonam from the mother madhuri.


Contact us for your best tour of Tadoba for Sighting of Tigers in upcoming months + 91 9960198308

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