Zone and Gates of Kanha National Park for Jungle Safari

Kanha–Kisli National Park is the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh and a tiger reserve with home to over 100 species of wild animals, birds, reptiles and plants. Kanha Tiger Reserve is divided into eight zones and four entry gates, The four zones are core area named as Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi.


Kanha Tiger Reserve has three entry points Khatia, Mukki and Sarhi. If you are traveling from Jabalpur, Khatia Gate is best suited for you and Kanha Kisli both zones can be covered from Khatia Gate.

Khatia Gate

Jabalpur (Via Mandla) – 160 Kms

Sarhi Gate

Raipur (Via Chilpi-Sijhora) – 220 Kms


Mukki Gate

Jablpur (Via Mandla-Mocha-Baihar) – 200 kms,
Raipur (Via Chilpi) – 210 kms
Nagpur (Via Seoni-Nainpur- Mocha-Baihar) – 260 kms


Kanha zone is best known for sighting of Naina and cubs, The zone offers beautiful bamboo forest, sal trees and meadows. Kanha and Kisli offers best chances to spot tigers in their natural habitat along with list of more wild animals such as Spotted Deer, Gray Langur, Indian bison and Swamp Deer.

Wildlife Of Kanha Tiger Reserve


Kanha Tiger Reserve is mostly renowned for health population of tigers, Also host Indian leopard, gaur, sloth bear, barasingha and dhole. The gaur, barasingha and tigers have been relocated to other two most popular tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh – Satpura Tiger Reserve and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.


Bhoorsingh – The Barasingha


Bhoorsingh the Barasingha is a mascot of Kanha Tiger Reserve, The park is the first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot. The sanctuary has largest population of swamp deer in India,swamp deer or barasingha differs from other species of deer found in India.


Birds Found in Kanha National Park


The beautiful park is also home to 1200 species of birds, Most common birds spotted in Kanha National Parks are listed below, Was able to click few beautiful pictures too.

Indian peafowl




White-rumped shama


Crested serpent eagle


Orange-headed thrush


Common hawk-cuckoo


Greater racket-tailed drongo


Jungle owlet


Indian thick-knee




Brown-headed barbet
Malabar pied-hornbill
Indian roller
Yellow-wattled lapwing
Oriental honey-buzzard
Indian vulture
Red junglefowl
Flameback woodpecker
Rufous treepie


Mukki safari zone is second most popular core zone after Kanha and also one of the oldest jungle safari zone in Kanha national park of Madhya Pradesh, close to Raipur. Mukki Zone has a separate entry gate called Mukki gate, Safari can be book online through the portal of Madhya Pradesh forest department.

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