Difference and Similarities Between Langur and Macaque

Langur and Macaque both are old world monkeys with different characteristics, behaviour,distribution and habitat. Most Old World monkeys are cercopithecines, native to Africa and Asia.



Langur or Colobinae are medium sized primates species with very long tail and live a more terrestrial and arboreal life. Langurs belongs to a group of old world monkeys, mostly found in the Indian Subcontinent.

  • Gray Langur
  • Golden Langur
  • Nilgiri Langur



Macaques are the most widespread primates and best known species of old world monkeys. There are 23 species of macaques on Earth and 10 Macaque monkeys are found in the wild forest of Indian Subcontinent.

  • Rhesus Macaque
  • Bonnet Macaque
  • Lion Tailed Macaque

– Ape


Apes are tailless primates native to Africa and Southeast Asia, Hoolock Gibbon is the only species of Ape found in India. The hoolock gibbons are diurnal and arboreal primate, found at south of Brahmaputra river in seven northeastern states of India.

  • Hoolock Gibbon

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