Top 10 Largest Living Lizards on Earth

Lizards are reptiles found across all continents except Antarctica. These lizards are mainly carnivorous and use venom, camouflage for hunt.Green Anole, Marine iguana,Ornate monitor and White throated monitor are some species of monitor lizards found on Earth.

Komodo Dragon, Indonesia


Komodo Dragons are the largest living species of lizard on Earth, found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo. They are protected under Indonesian law in Komodo National Park.

Asian water Monitor, Asia


Asian water Monitor also known as Malayan water monitor the largest and most common monitor lizards found throughout Asia. The water monitor found in northeast India,various islands of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Crocodile Monitor, New Guinea

Crocodile Monitor or Varanus salvadorii is one of the longest lizards in the world,endemic to New Guinea. Varanus salvadorii lives in mangrove swamps and coastal rainforests of New Guinea island.

Perentie Goanna, Australia


Australian Perentie is fourth longest and largest living lizard on earth, found in the arid areas of Australia. Perentie or Goanna monitor lizards along with Lace monitor are venomous and carnivore.

Nile Monitor, Africa


Nile Monitor lizard are native to Africa and found in and around rivers and also the second largest reptile in the Nile river. Nile monitors are an invasive species in Florida and one of the exotic pet.

Rock Monitor, Africa

Giant Rock Monitor Lizard is the second longest lizard found in Africa. The East and Southern Africa, Savannahs and rainforests are the variety of habitats for rock monitor in Africa.

Bengal Monitor, India


Bengal Monitor or common Indian monitor lizard found over the Indian Subcontinent. This species is solitary,more arboreal and mainly terrestrial with very few predators apart from humans.

Giant Tegu, South America

Argentine black and white tegu is largest species of tegu lizard, found in savannas and desert area of South America. Some species of tegu lizard are importance as food and pets and have become invasive species in South Florida.

Green Iguana, South America


Iguanas are herbivorous species of lizard native to Central and South America. Green Iguana are the largest iguana that grows to 4.9 ft and considered an invasive species in South Florida.

Gila Monster, United States


Gila Monster lizard is native to the southwestern United States and Mexican state. The venomous Gila monster is only species of venomous lizards found in North America and relative to the Mexican beaded lizard.

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