Similarities and Difference Between Frog and Toad

Frog and Toads are both amphibians living in water and land areas of Indian Subcontinent. They belong to the same group but quite different animals, tree frogs are diverse family of amphibians that lives arboreal.



Frogs are tailless amphibians that inhabit land and water both environments. Recently twelve new frog species were discovered in Western ghats of India, Indian burrowing frog, Malabar gliding frog and Indian Purple frog are few species of frog found in India.



Toads are one of the most common species of the family Bufonidae, characterized by short legs and leathery skin. The most common toad found in India is commonly called Indian common toad,found mostly during the monsoons.



Tadpoles are very young Frog and Toad, usually found near the surface of the water. It is the life cycle of an amphibian with tail and external gills.

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