10 Things You Might Have Noticed Around Streets of India

Indian streets are not only provide shelter and food to people and animals, these are office, workplace and temple for many of them. Streets of India are full of amazing things such as Cows at the middle of road, lime and chillies lying on the road and many road side food stalls.



Chaiwalas or Tea maker are the small businesses owner runs tea stall on streets or small roadside shops. Masala chai of India is one of the most famous flavoured tea beverage, gained worldwide popularity.

Stray Animals


Indian streets are home to many stray animals like cows,buffalo,goat and dog.Street dogs are listed as one of the most dangerous animal in India. These common animals are the part of Indian streets live along with the roadside Chilterns and slum dwellers around.

Street Doctors

India’s Street Doctors are the people who sell different herbs that cures different diseases and offers services such as Dentist,ear cleaning and other things.

Street Food

Indori- Poha-Jalebi

Street Food or road side food in India is one of the must try thing but be careful what you eat and where. Delhi and Indore are few most famous city in India for street food such as Chaat,chole bhature,samosa and poha jalebi.

Road Show

Dancing bear in India

Earlier one can spot the street show of animals such as Monkey dance,Dancing Bears and snake charmers but now in the Indian villages or small town Street Dance of Balancing Girl can be seen, also street magician can be spotted.



Hawkers use public places to retail their goods or services, people from rural areas come to city to sell their work,art and vegetables on small stalls. Vegetable hawkers are most common on the Indian streets.

Roadside Children


Street Children of a city are either Homelessness or thrown away Children, often subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation. India has around one million street children living the major cities such as New Dehli, Kolkata, and Mumbai along with one of the largest child labour country.



Poverty and beggars in India are still one of the big problem and beggar mafia is a huge industry operating in almost all the major cities of India. Street beggars near traffic lights are now a common sight.

Street Vendors


Street Vendors across India sell snack items, such as cotton candy,popcorn,peanuts, beverages and ice cream, along with other non-edible items such as jewellery, clothes, books, and paintings.

Roadside Temples


There are so many roadside religious places situated across the country, Road side Temples are another most common sight in India. One can spot small temples and stone murti under banyan tree at roadside. Apart from the above listed things, there are many more interesting facts about the Indian streets such as Plastic waste,pan shop,Lemon and Chilli and one of the main thing is Indian people spit on the road,piss at the side of roads and on walls.

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