9 Types of Indian Rangoli Design and Patterns

Many different rituals are followed in India as a means of auspicious signs such as lighting lamp in Diwali, planting Tulsi tree infront of  house etc. One of them is making Rangoli, The folk art Indian Rangoli is made on the floor at the front door.

Rangoli is made in courtyards to welcome Hindus deities and guests,on different occasions and festivals like Dipawali, Marriages, Pooja and many more.  Making Indian Rangoli is considered auspicious and lucky for the home and familly,it is popular across the country and  has different names  in different states like kolam in Tamilnadu ,alpana in Bengal ,chowk pujan in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.



Chowk purn is the oldest form of Rangoli in India, which is still made by old woman on the occasion of welcoming  guest,Poojas like Gangour, Chhath pooja,Styanarayan katha  etc. It is made by flour of wheat ,vermilion and turmeric, making chawk is considered very auspicious and it is also said that it pleases god and goddess.

Dotted Rangoli


Dotted Rangoli means the design which is made by making dots in equal lines and equal numbers in different shapes like square,circular,star. Later it is filled with beautiful colors and get a traditional design mostly made in south India.

Free Hand Rangoli


This is one of the most common and famous form of Rangoli which can be seen in every home in every occasion made by the help of different colors of sand. Its also known as ever green form of Rangoli.

Flower Petals Rangoli


The modern form of Rangoli which is made by the beautiful petals of flowers at the front door of house.  Flower Petals Rangoli is very eye pleasing along with beautiful fragrance of flowers like roses ,marigolds and lotus. During the festival of Onam in Kerala, its the one of the major attraction of festival known as Onam Pookalam.



Alpana is the most auspicious kinds of Rangoli which is made by the grinned paste of rice. The specialty of this Rangoli is that it is made by the help of only three fingers, Mostly design by only Bengali people on the occasion of Durga pooja and Dipawali to welcome goddess  laxmi’s.

Wooden Rangoli


This pattern of Rangoli is come with the fixed set of things like, flower,birds leaf etc, which can be arranged at the wall or floor.

Floating Rangoli


The modern and youngest form of in which diyas, flower,candles float on the water of bowels. Even now water colors are also used and its look very beautiful.

Glass Rangoli


Glass rangoli is not as much as popular but during the no time one can use the ready-made painted glasses in different shape and size to make a quick rangoli.

Sanskar Rangoli


It is known as sanskar Rangoli due to its design and patterns, which contains many circles and each circle represents different Sanskar of our life.


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