Top Ten Disastrous Floods and Major Flood Prone Areas In India

India is among the highly flood prone countries in the world and flood are most common and widespread of all other natural disasters. The rivers of India makes it more dangerous during the monsoon season, which cause floods,landslide and debris slide.

Top 10 Major Floods in The History of India


Uttarakhand Floods 2013

The 9 districts of Uttarakhand received massive Landslides and heavy rainfall, which caused  flashfloods in the whole state. The Kedarnath Temple one of the famous temples of Lord Shiva in India and part of the Char Dham yatra, was damaged and around 1000 people have died. It is one of the most disastrous floods in the history of India.

Himalayan Flash Floods 2012

2012 Himalayan flash floods occurred on the midnight of August 3, 2012 in the Himalayan states of India. The cloudburst was left 31 people dead and triggered landslides and flash floods.

Brahmaputra Floods 2012

The unprecedented flood was some of the worst floods in India,in the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries due to significant monsoon rains. 124 people have been killed and worst hit area was Kaziranga National Park,13 great India rhinos and around 500 animals have died.

2010 Ladakh Floods

The 6 August 2010 Ladakh floods occurred across the most part of Ladakh, damaging 71 towns and villages in Leh and at least 255 people have died. A major cloudburst and heavy rainfall all night triggered mudslides, flash floods and debris flows.

2009 India Floods

The 2009 India floods affected many Indian states such as Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka and North-East states. 2009 floods killed around 50 people in different states and inundated half a million homes.

2008 Bihar Flood

2008 Bihar Flood was one of the most disastrous flood in the history of Bihar, affected over 2.3 million people. The Kosi River, one of the largest tributaries of the Ganges is known as Sorrow of Bihar. It is one of the worst natural disaster and disastrous flood in the living memory of state of Bihar.

2005 Gujarat Flood

The 2005 Gujarat flood was caused by heavy monsoon rains in June affecting many parts of the state. The death toll was about 123 people state wide and more than 250,000 evacuated.

Maharashtra Floods 2005

The 2005 Maharashtra floods was one of the most deadliest floods in India, at least 5,000 people died. Metropolis Mumbai was the worst hit by the monsoon and its the day when the city of Mumbai came to a standstill.

2005 Chennai Floods

The North-East monsoon season shower the highest rainfall during the month of November-December in Chennai. It was one of the worst floods to hit the city of Chennai, 50 people were killed due to flood and stampede.

2004 Bihar Flood

The 2004 Bihar flood was the worst floods in the state, 885 people and 3272 animals died and nearly 21 million people were affected in 20 districts of Bihar. Ganges river has crossed the danger mark for the first time at Farakka Barrage.

2014 Jammu & Kashmir Flood


Recently in September 2014, the Jammu & Kashmir region was hit by heavy floods caused by torrential rainfall and nearly 200 people had died due to the floods and 350 villages had been submerged.

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  • Kiran says:

    Dec1, 2015’s flood in Chennai may top the list with more than 500 causalities and the estimated damage exceeds 100,000 Crore. Roadway, Airway and Railway services were shut for 7 days. For 10 days with no power supply and improper food supplies these 50 Lakh people proved that technology had evolved very recently we are survival of the fittest even if all conditions are applied. Help from corporate companies and volunteers present in Bangalore were ahead of state and national disaster management team.

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