Ten Major Train Accidents in India

Indian trains are known as the cheapest mode of transportation, millions of people prefer to travel in train rather then other transport services. The second largest rail network of world,some times comes to a standstill due to accidents and mishaps. Major and worst train accidents in India are Bihar train disaster,Khanna rail disaster, Gaisal train disaster and Firozabad rail disaster.

Odisha Train Accident – 2023

Balasore train accident is the biggest and most painful train accident which left 288 passengers dead and over 900 injured in Odisha 2023.

Kuneru Train Derailment 2017

Kuneru train derailed near the Kuneru village in Andhra Pradesh killing 41 people and injuring 68 others.

Utkal Express Derailment 2017

Kalinga Utkal Express derailment in Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar. The derailed accidents killed 23 people and leaving 70 injured.

Kanpur Train Accident – 2016


Kanpur Train Accident killed nearly 127 people when Indore Patna Express train jumped the tracks near Kanpur. Indore Patna Express derails in Kanpur and one of the worst rail accident in recent years.

Bihar Train Derailment – 1981

Bihar train disaster occurred on June 6 1981 between Mansi and Saharsa. The Bihar train derailment was one of the deadliest ever rail accident in India with total deaths range from 500 to 800.

22 May 2012 – The Hubli-Bangalore, Hampi Express collided with a goods train near Penukonda in Andhra Pradesh early on Tuesday morning on its way from Hubli to Bangalore.

16 May 2011– A truck on the rail cum road bridge of Rajahmundry fell onto the railway lines. An incoming high speed goods train powered by a WAG 9 smashed into the truck destroying it and the railway tracks there.

Kamayani Express Derailed – 2015


Kamayani Express and Janata Express derailed at the same area in Madhya Pradesh. At least 30 people have died when seven coaches of Kamayani Express and five bogies of Janata Express derailed in Harda.

7 July 2011 – A Mathura Chhapra Express train rams into a bus carrying wedding guests around 2 a.m. at an unmanned railway crossing in Thanagaon, Kanshiram Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh, killing 38 and injuring 30.

19 July 2010 – Sainthia train collision occurred in Sainthia, West Bengal, India, when the Uttar Banga Express collided with the Vananchal Express. Casualties stand at 63 people dead and more than 165 people injured, with many still trapped in wreckage.

28 May 2010 – West Bengal, the Gyaneshwari Express train derailment,attack by Maoist kills at least 170 people when the Mumbai-bound Howrah Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express is derailed by an explosion.

29 October 2005 – Repalle Secunderabad delta passenger derailed at Valigonda in Nalgonda district of Andhra pradesh. Some of the rakes fell in the Musi River killing at least 890 persons. This was due to severe rain.

9 September 2002 – Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express derailed at 2240 hrs near Rafiganj station between Gaya and Dehri-on-Sone stations, resulting in over 140 dead.

Gaisal Train Disaster – 1999


2 August 1999 – 268 killed and 359 injured in a collision involving Awadh–Assam Express and Brahmaputra Mail at Gaisal in North Frontier Railway’s Katihar division.

14 September 1997 – 81 killed and more than 200 are injured as five bogies of the Ahmedabad–Howrah Express plunge into a river near Champa station next to Bilaspur railway station of Chhattisgarh.

Firozabad Rail Disaster – 1995

20 Augus 1995 – Firozabad rail disaster, 358 killed as Delhi-bound Purushottam Express rams into the stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh.

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  • Swaranjeet Singh says:

    It is amazing that in the list you do not include the Bihar Train disaster . . . one of the worst train disasters on the planet ever and easily the worst in our country. On 6th June 1981, a passenger train carrying more than 800 passengers[1] between Mansi (Dhamara Pul) and Saharsa, India derailed and plunged into the river Bagmati while it was crossing a bridge.

    The death toll was over 600 dead !

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