Ten Worst Communal Riots in India

Religious violence in India has a history, even before the Partition riots of 1947 took place. Riots in India are started from with the Kazhuhumalai and Sivakasi riots which took place in 1895 and 1899. Before the partition a caste related violence took place in the Calcutta in 1946 or also known as Direct Action Day. Other riots in India are 1927 Nagpur riots,Partition riots of 1947, Ramnad riots of 1957 and 2006 Dalit protests in Maharashtra and best bakery riot 2002.In the recent year India is again hit by religious violence in Mumbai,Assam and in Mathura.


Calcutta Riots 1946: Calcutta Riots is also known as Direct Action Day is the worst day in the India history. The Calcutta Killings of 1946 is the result of Hindu-Muslim violence and become a day of riot and manslaughter in the Bengal province of British India.

Sikh Riots 1984: The 1984 Sikh Massacre was erupted in 1 November 1984,after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and continued for days, killing around 800 Sikhs. The national capital Delhi were the worst affected area along with Yamuna river areas.

Kashmir Riots 1986: The communal riots was broke out in the Muslim-majority state of Kashmir against the Kashmiri Hindus in 1986. Violence against Kashmiri Hindus was reported in the Anantnag area and a massive communal riots occurred in the result.

Varanasi Riots 1989: The holy city of India is witnessed to three consecutive riots since 1989-90 to 1992. Varanasi riots of 1989 was the first communal violence erupted between Hindu and Muslim. A mini riots was also broke out in 2007.

Bhagalpur Riots 1989: The silk City Bhagalpur was became notorious after the incidence of October 1989. Bhagalpur riots is one of the worst communal riots in India since Independence,which claimed over 1000 lives. The communal violence broke out between Hindu and Muslim and continued for almost two months.

Bombay Riots 1992: Bombay Riots was the worst riots in India, appeared in December 1992 and January 1993. Riots in Mumbai was a communal riots between Hindu and Muslim,in which over 1,000 people were killed. Babri Mosque demolition is the reason and Bombay Riots, 1993 Bombay bomb blasts was the result.

Gujarat Riots 2002: The another worst riots in India so far, Gujarat riots of 2002 was a series of communal violence incidents between Hindus and Muslims. The Sabarmati Express train was burnt as a preplanned conspiracy by Muslim mob, then Post Godhra violence Attacks on Muslims and Hindus and Naroda Patiya riots Ahmedabad. Gujarat riots was a definition of horror and brutality of Human again human.

Aligarh Riots 2006: Aligarh is well known as one of the communal prone zone in Uttar Pradesh, on 5 April 2006 the incidents of violence is occurred between Muslims and Hindus. At least six to seven people died due to communal riots began during the Hindu festival Ram Navami.

Deganga Riots 2010: Deganga Riots was occurred on 6 September 201 at the Deganga place in West Bengal. The riots was got created by Muslim mobs by arson and violence against Hindu people, They destroyed the several sacred Hindu places of worship,looted and burnt the dozens of shops. In 2007 Bengal was already faced another riots known as West Bengal food riots.

Assam Riots 2012: In the month of July 2012 a communal violence is got triggered between the Indian Bodos and migrants Muslims from Bangladesh. More then 80 people had died and over 1 lacks have taking shelter in relief camps during the  communal riots in Assam. Assam massacre was another definition of horror and brutality of Human again human.

2013 Muzaffarnagar riots:  Its again clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities, have claimed 48 lives and injured 93 in the Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the worst religious violence in India.


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