The 5 Most Unsafe Indian Cities for Women

India is one of the fastest developing country in the world in terms of infrastructure and economy but at the same time crime rate against women’s is also increase in the last few decade. Every day a woman is assaulted by people in this country, some incidents come of public and few cases were not registered due to the social stigma. All the major cities of India have become a synonyms of crime against women, These incidents are happening at every place anywhere at anytime. According to the National Crime Records Bureau reported in 1998 that the growth rate of crimes against women would be higher than the population growth rate in the coming years. Not only in Indian cities, whole states are responsible for violent against women.



The National Capital of India is the most unsafe city for women, as 514 rape cases were reported in the national capital in 2011. India’s rape capital is rank first in the top list of 35 main cities in the country who reporting the highest number of rape cases,sexually harassed, molestation and assaulted.



The second largest city in the Indian state of Haryana and major hot spot for commercial and residential Properties. The back to back rape cases and crime rates makes it one of the most unsafe place for women,especially at night. Incident rape, molestation, abduction and crimes against the working women and single girls are increased.



The well developed and modern city of India is no longer a safe place for women. Hyderabad is now ranked as one of the most unsafe cities for women in Indian with 157 cases of molestation in 2011, and number of rape cases and dowry deaths has risen too. Andhra Pradesh has emerged as the most unsafe place among the four South Indian, As per the record cases of crimes against women. Vijayawada is another city of state where crime rate was significantly rise.



The Electronic city of India has become crime capital of the South India,Number of cases of atrocities against women, rape and chain-snatching incidents are increasing in the state. According a survey almost forty-eight percent of women in Bangalore feel city is unsafe for working ladies in night shifts. But as compare to other cities Bangalore is somehow handling and protecting the crime against women and safe as well.



After the growing cases of eve- teasing,assaults,rape and the number of crime against women Kolkata is no more safe for women. Along with other metro cities of India such as Bangalore and Hyderabad,Kolkata is also reporting violent crimes against women. According to a survey West Bengal is one of the highest crime prone state against women.

Other major Indian cities like Guwahati,Vijayawada,Ahmedabad, Pune, Meerut, Patna,Chennai and Jaipur are also heading towards the same way with an record of incident of kidnapping and rape against women. Even smaller cities like Bhopal and Indore are also reporting higher crime rate against women. Meerut is on the rise in terms of crime against women, almost 90 percent women’s are some how feel they are not safe in the city.


  • anuramn says:

    Went through many of the posts in the website and found them quite interesting.

  • san says:

    If the list is based on statistics(which it should) rather than the whim of the compiler then Kolkata should not be in the list. Check the statics , its the safest metro in india , with the lowest crime rate against women.

    • Hello San,This list based on the statistics as well as the current cases of rapes and other crime against women in Kolkata. I do agree with you at some point that as compare to other cities such as Meerut,Guwahati etc Kolkata is quite safe.

      • MANTU says:

        Are You Mad?First Capital Punshment Against Rape “Dhananajy”was in Kolkatta only See the Stats..1ST MP, 2ND UP, 3RD WESTBENGAL 4TH DELHI 5TH MAHARSTRA AND FROM LAST ITS 4TH BIHAR/JHARKHAND..BENGALIS POLICE ARE MOST UNFIT DONT MAKE FIR

  • Raj says:

    Maharashtra is safest > Marathi culture is good !

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