The Traditional Transports in India

The Eco-sensitive transport Rickshaws and Tangas are banned in most of the cities in India. Delhi has completely replacing tangas the oldest form of transportation in India. All major cities like Mumbai and Calcutta used these oldest forms of transports for many years. In villages of India pulled and cycle rickshaws are still one of the major forms of transport. These types of transports are the life line of the poor peoples who pulled rickshaws to survive. As of changing world these traditional transports are disappearing from the country.


Cycle rickshaw India

The Runner-pulled rickshaws were the local form of transportation used for traveling. The last sizable fleet of rickshaws can be found in Calcutta only. Runner-pulled rickshaws have mainly been replaced by cycle rickshaws and auto. In south India pulled rickshaws can be visible as goods carrier.

Cycle Rickshaw

Rickshaw_puller Kolkata

The cycle rickshaw is one of the oldest existing forms of transportation in India. Cycle rickshaw is the replacement of runner pulled rickshaws and auto is another replacement for cycle rickshaws. Now a day’s cycle rickshaw is not allowed to use in the metro cities but in town or villages of India this is the best transport carriage. Rickshaw is used for goods as well as for public transport and mainly for school childrens. A cycle rickshaw is also known as trishaw or tricycle.


One of the best rides which has become rare with the changing world. May be the cycle rickshaw has replaced tanga at many parts of India but still The tanga or horse cart still visible in many areas of India. Delhi “The Heart of India” was famous for Tanga, but now due to the heavy traffic in Delhi, tangas are not allowed to use. It’s good that the village side area of India still nurturing horse-drawn carriage.

Bail Gadi

Bullock cart or bail gadi used for transporting grass or goods in villages of India. Farmers have been using bullock carts for taking their yield to market and to ferry people. Bail gadi is the only vehicles for rural peoples of India to travel from one place to other villages. Bullock cart race is also organized by the peoples of villages in some part of India. These bulls also used for farming. A ride on bullock cart should not be missed while visiting villages of India, because India lives in villages only.

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