Top 5 Leading Fish Producing States in India

Aquaculture is the term used for farming of fish, including freshwater and saltwater fish, shrimp farming and aquatic plants. Fishing in India around the coastal states and flood plain wetlands and water bodies are one of the major industry.

West Bengal


West Bengal is the largest fish producing states in India, Catla fish is one of the very popular freshwater fish in West Bengal and has very high growth and market demand.

Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh state is the second largest contributor of fisheries in India, Farmers in coastal Andhra Pradesh are doing the Aquaculture and Pulasa fish is the special fish of Godavari river.



The state of Gujarat is known for tilapia fish farming, freshwater prawn farming and the fisherman of Gujarat bags award for open sea cage farming.



The backwaters of Kerala are the most prominent place for fish farming in India, Karimeen fish is the most popular fish of Kerala along with Edible Oyster and vannamei shrimp.

Tamil Nadu


The coastal state of Tamil Nadu has very important area for commercial fish farming, Rohu, tilapia, Snakehead and Catla fish are the most popular freshwater fish of Indian rivers.

The states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,Karnataka, Bihar and Jharkhand also accounted for total fish production in India using the hectares of ponds, canals and tanks.

Fishing Harbors in India

There are five main fishing harbors in India – Raichak, Mangalore, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and Kochi in Kerala. Major and minor fisheries harbours of India also include Mumbai fishing harbour,Chennai fishing harbour,Kollam fishing harbour and goa fishing harbour.

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