Top 5 Vegetable Producing States in India

Uttar Pradesh is currently the highest vegetable producing states of India followed by West Bengal. Here are the top 5 vegetable-producing states in India.

Uttar Pradesh


The state of Uttar Pradesh has reclaimed top position status as the leading producer of vegetables in India, followed by West Bengal. Vegetable production in Uttar Pradesh is 29.58 million tonnes.

West Bengal


West Bengal is the leading vegetable growing state of India, covering an area of about 13.80 lakh hectares and expected 28.23 mt production.



Bihar produces 10% of Vegetables market of India, The Ganga river basin is the most fertile land of the sub-continent.

Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in India, The state has 17.84 lakh Hectors of land under Horticulture and large production of Green vegetables in Metric Tons.

Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is famous as the Soybean state, Production of Vegetables in MP has grown from Soybean to Green Peas, Cauliflower, Okra, Tomato, Potato, Eggplant and Gourd vegetables.

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