Top 10 Most Colourful Root Vegetables Grown in India

Root vegetables are true roots underground plant eaten by humans as food for carbohydrates, water and energy. Indian cuisines are using the underground root vegetables since ages, Here is the most colourful, healthiest root vegetables found in India and one can grow in your nursery.

Turmeric – हल्दी


Turmeric as a spice is not only used in cooking for all the Indian cuisine but also a coloring and flavoring agent as well as an Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric powder is the key ingredients of all Indian dishes along with Cumin seed, Mustard, red chili powder and coriander powder.

Ginger – अदरक


Ginger is second most popular root in India used as a spice and a folk medicine. Ginger and Turmeric both belong to same family of Zingiberaceae, India is the largest producer of ginger spice in the world.

Potato – आलू


Potato root vegetable is an important source of food and a key ingredient of world famous Indian dishes called Dum Aloo, Aloo mutter, Aloo paratha and Aloo gobi.There are a number of Indian spices used in these dishes like turmeric for color, and kalonji, fresh curry and coriander leaves.

Carrot – गाजर


The orange or red in colour, carrots are widely used in many Indian cuisines especially in the preparation of green salads, and the most delicious gajar ka halwa. The red carrots are the desi gajar available only during winter while the orange carrots are less sweeter then red one but available throughout the year.

Radish – मूली


Radish is a popular edible root vegetable or a salad vegetable but also used in many dishes. Mooli is a favorite salad item with list of health benefits as well as a flavour for some Indian curries and mooli paratha.

Turnip – शलगम


Shalgam root vegetable commonly known as turnip or white turnip worldwide, used in variety of dishes in Kashmir regions of India most Shab Degh. Some of the most authentic dish from Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal used turnip for a delicious recipe.

Beetroot – चुकंदर


Beetroot used as a medicinal plant and for food colouring, Mostly grown for edible roots and leaves. The chopped, cooked and spiced beetroots are one of the most common dish in Indian cuisine.

Taro – अरबी


Taro root vegetable is known as Arbi in some part and by a number of names in different regional languages in India. This plant leaves and stalks are also traditionally cooked some of the Indian states.

Sweet Potato – शकरकंद


Sweet potatoes is very popular as a fasting evening snack item in some regions of India, also mixed with wheat flour for chapattis or chipped, roasted and boiled.

Elephant Yam – सूरन


Suran root is also known as Elephant Foot Yam is a large tuber and part of the list of best Indian culinary stories. Amorphophallus paeoniifolius is called by many names in India, Zimmikanda in Chhattisgarh, Chena in South India and also the root widely used in Indian medicine of Ayurveda.

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