Top 8 Must Visit Places Around City of Damoh

Damoh is a city in India’s north east Madhya Pradesh. The city is located 250 kilometres east of Bhopal, the state capital. The town has notable showcase of dairy cattle and small businesses, such as weaving, colouring and stoneware making. Damoh Railway Station Code: DMO is the city’s principal railway station. It serves a few trains arranged between Katni and Bina Junction for Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Amritsar, Harda, and Howrah.


The temple of Lord Shiva is situated on the periphery of Damoh city.



The district has several historically important areas. One example is the town of Nohta, situated at the banks of the Gauraya river, 21 km from Damoh. It was once a Chandela Rajput’s capital, and has many temples.


The land of glittering crystals, Jabalpur is located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, at the shores of the Narmada River. Commercially it is an extremely important city of the state and is gradually transforming into a popular tourist destination owning perfect Ghats, splendid waterfalls and rich cultural structures.

The city is growing at a rapid pace and is becoming one of the leading sightseeing spots, as well as increasing points of interest to attract tourists. There are so many areas for the on-lookers which are a visual treat.

Bhedaghat is a town which falls into district Jabalpur. It is situated roughly 20 km from Jabalpur. Marble Rocks, Dhuandar Falls and the Chausath Yogini Temple are the town’s main attractions,


Pachmarshi is the only hill station covered in lush greenery that stands out among India’s most-visited travel destinations, Madhya Pradesh. The place is renowned for its rich history, heritage and dense forest. Pachmarshi has been viewed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve mainly visited by visitors during the summer and monsoon season. Settled in the Satpura Range of Forests, the hill station in Madhya Pradesh is renowned for its wide assortment of trees.

Its rich wooded forests allow visitors to see wild bamboo, blackberry plantations, salt trees and delicate bamboo shrubberies, which are accessible in large numbers.

Rajnagar Village

The Mughals built the ancient fort at Rajnagar village, 6 km from Damoh. A further place of historical importance is Singhorgarh fort. It was designed by the Raja Vain Bason. Long remained in its Gond Rajas. It was in the late 15th century with Gond Raja Dalpat Shah and his Rani Durgawati. After Raja Dalpat Shah’s assassination, Mughal Emperor Akbar’s Senapati Army had a fight at the town, Singrampur, against Rani Durgawati.


Located on the Sonar River, Narsinghgarh town has an ancient fort founded by Shah Taiyab. At Narsinghgarh, the Birla group set up a cement factory. Kundalpur is famous for the temples of Jain. There are 58 Jain temples in Kundalpur, 32 km from Damoh.

Jageshwarnath Temple

The Bandakpur Jageshwarnath temple is a site of Hindu pilgrimage. The stronger groups of Yadav and Rai in Damoh district. Damoh town has a Ghantaghar, circuit building, Maharana Pratap statue at Jabalpur Naka, Kirti Stambh, Gajanan pahadi, Naugaja pahadi, Rani Damayanti Bai fort near tahsil site, Nehru park, and Jatashankar temple.


Kundalpur is a historic Indian Jainism Pilgrimage site. It is located in Madhya Pradesh, central Indian state, 35 km from Damoh town. Jatashankar and Belatal temple are both an important Hindus pilgrimage site. It is located near the residence of the collector, and the jail of the district.

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