Top 12 Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies of India

The pharmaceutical industry of India is one of the largest provider of generic medicines globally in terms of volume. Here is the list of top 10 listed pharmaceutical companies in India by market capitalization by 2020.

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical is the largest pharma company in India as well as largest Indian pharma company in US. The Indian Pharma company offers formulations, pharmaceutical ingredients and various other products.

  • Ranbaxy Laboratories (Sun Pharma Owned)

Ranbaxy Laboratories is now part of the Sun Pharma and has operations in 43 countries. The company was among India’s most trusted brands along with other popular brands like Zydus Cadila, Mankind Pharma and Piramal Pharma.

Dr Reddys Labs

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories manufactures wide range of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products in India. The Indian drug manufacturers expand globally and entered into international market by acquiring other well known
pharmaceutical companies.


The Indian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company is a popular manufacturer of personal, pharmaceutical as well as uses latest technology to produce high quality products. Pharma major Cipla develop and sell medicines of weight control, diabetes and depression.

Divi’s Laboratories

Divi’s Laboratories is a leading pharma company and manufacture Active pharmaceuticals ingredients. The public limited pharma company from Hyderabad is listed on the Indian stock exchange and also among the top pharmaceuticals Indian companies offering high quality products.

Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, offering products and drug for antibiotics and cardiovascular area. The Pharma company also features among the India’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies by revenue.


Lupin Limited is one of the largest producer of generic pharmaceutical in India by revenue and has 12 manufacturing plants and 2 Research plants in India. The Indian pharmaceutical company entered Japan, Australia, USA, Mexico and now a global leader.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Torrent Pharmaceuticals is based in the city of Ahmedabad and operates in more than 40 countries, part of the Torrent Group. The company has 7 subsidiaries in different counties worldwide and active in the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular.

Cadila Healthcare (Zydus)

Zydus Cadila Healthcare provide innovative products and manufacturer of generic drugs. The Ahmedabad based pharmaceutical company is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in India, Ostivia Bonmax is popular product of Zydus Cadila.

Alkem Laboratories

Alkem Laboratories based in Mumbai that manufactures pharmaceutical formulations in India. Currently Alkem has 21 manufacturing facilities in India also ranked amongst the top ten pharmaceutical companies in India and owned brands like Clavam, Pan, Pan-D and Taxim-O.

Piramal Pharma

The Piramal Pharma is part of the Piramal Group and one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India. Piramal Pharma Solutions offer a unique platform for manufacturing of drug products and drug lifecycle.

Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma based at New Delhi, A public pharmaceutical company with products in range from gastrointestinal to cardiovascular. The company offers world class medications at affordable cost and one of the Indian leading pharmaceutical companies.

– Biocon/Intas Biopharmaceuticals

Biocon Limited is a well known brand in pharmaceutical industry of India, The Indian biopharmaceutical company based in Bangalore and there are two manufacturing facilities are located in Bangalore. Intas Biopharmaceuticals is one of the leading biosimilar product manufacturers in India as well as in Asia.

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