Top 5 Most Popular Circus in India

Circus in India was an extremely popular public show, used to display the training of wild animals, acrobats and Joker. The Indian circus do not operate anymore with animals and child in performances but still performs in some cities and villages, Some of the India’s major circuses are Rajkamal Circus, Jumbo Circus and most popular Rambo Circus.

Rambo Circus

Rambo Circus was established by Mr. P.T. Dilip that was used to tours all over India even today with the changing world of entertainment. The one big Rambo Circus also has biggest movable tent as well as international artists.

Jumbo Circus

Jumbo Circus by M.V.Shankaran is the largest circus in India with around 350 employees. The circus attracts large number of audience from all over the city and also voted as the most entertaining circus of India.

Gemini Circus

Gemini Circus by Shankaran is among the regularly toured circus company in India, with Nepali, African and Mongolian artists have been a successful circus across the globe.

Rayman Circus

Great Rayman Circus currently running their show and performances in Chandigarh area, visiting the other largest cities. There are popular movies of Bollywood such as Mera Naam Joker and Shikari, where the background of films are based on circus.

Bombay Circus

Great Bombay Circus is another most popular and top Circus in India, offers a fusion of complete entertainment and performances. Great rayman circus, Amar Circus, Great Royal Circus and Great Bombay Circus are few more great Indian circus company, used to roam around the country for entertainment.

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