Top 10 Most Dangerous Plants Found in India

There are list of native plants species in India, Dangerous to human and poisonous for livestocks. There are more plants in India used in native medicine such as Indian heliotrope, prickly pear and Lantana camara.

Datura/ धतूरा


Datura stramonium is one of the most poisonous plant found in India and also used in many cultures as a poison. All parts of the datura plant are poisonous and aphrodisiac.

Calotropis/ मदार/ अकौआ


Calotropis plants are called madar in India and found in abandoned in open area, grassland and farmland. The milky latex from the leaves and stem of Calotropis gigantea contains poison.

Parthenium/ गाजर घास


Parthenium or Gajar Ghans is the most common invasive species in India. Parthenium hysterophorus plant causes milk disease in livestock and also responsible for respiratory malfunction in humans.

Nerium Oleander


Nerium oleander and all its parts are toxic and one of the most poisonous grown plants in India. Nerium plants are commonly grown in the gardens of India.

Ricinus/ Castor Beans/ अरंडी

Ricinus is known as Arandi in Hindi and India is the largest producer of Castor oil. The plant is not poisonous but the seeds are poisonous to people, animals and insects.

Plumeria/ चम्पा / Frangipani/ गुलचीन

All parts of the plumeria plant are toxic, The milky can cause rash and vomiting. Leaves or flowers of Plumeria also cause itching, burning sensation and irritate the digestive system.

Crab’s Eye Plant/ Rosary Pea/ गुंची

Crab’s Eye Plant is native to India and Sri Lanka and its seeds are poisonous. The plant is also used in Ayurveda and a traditional Indian unit of mass measurement.

Cascabela thevetia/ Yellow Oleander/पीला कनेर


Cascabela thevetia is most common poisonous plant found in India. The plant is also known as yellow oleander and they contain cardiac glycosides.


Dieffenbachia is most common indoor plants and poisonous too. Leaves of dieffenbachia dangerous to humans or animals and causes immediate pain.

Cerbera odollam/ सरबेरा ओडोलम

Cerbera odollam is native to India and mostly found in coast parts of Kerala. The plant is known as Suicide Tree in India and its potent poison was used for suicide and murder.

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