20 Common Wild Plants of India Used in Ayurveda

Ayurveda medical therapies and practices has historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. This systems of medicine from ancient India was redeveloped by Charaka who is also known as the Indian father of medicine.

Datura/Datura stramonium


Datura or devil’s trumpet has been used in traditional Indian medicine and one of the must offered flower to Lord Shiva in India. The plant is sacred in India and favorite of Lord Shiva.

Madar/Calotropis gigantea


Calotropis gigantea is known as madar or Aak in India. Its a poisonous plant that host list of insects and butterflies as well as offered to Lord Shiva.

Sensitive Plant/Mimosa pudica


Mimosa pudica or Touch Me Not Plant is known as Chui mui Plant in India. The sensitive plant paste used to treat skin infection and to stop bleeding over a fresh wounds.

Satyanashi/Argemone mexicana


Argemone mexicana is called as Satyanashi in India and used to treat many diseases in traditioanl Indian ayurvedic medicine. Prickly poppy heals constipation, chronic fever and also a source for bio diesel.

Nagfani/Prickly pear


Prickly Pear is a species of cactus found in India, also known as Indian fig opuntia and Nagfani in Hindi. Opuntia ficus indica contains 85% water and an important source for wildlife.

Beggar’s Ticks/Bidens pilosa

Beggar Tick

Bidens pilosa plant are also known as black jack or beggarticks, distributed throughout India. The small flowering plant leaves are used to dress wounds and ulcers.

Marua/Origanum majorana

Marua plant also called sweet marjorum as is used to cure digestive problems. The Marjoram herb particularly found in Himalayas and keeps hormones in equilibrium.

Nettle Leaf/Urtica dioica

Stinging nettle is a flowering plant and covered with orange hairs. Cause itchiness if you touch them along with skin irritation.

Velvet Bean/Mucuna pruriens


Bengal velvet bean are covered with fuzzy hairs and utilized in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The climbing shrub is a notorious plant with extreme itchiness properties.

Balloon Vine/Cardiospermum halicacabum

Balloon Vine known as Kanphata in Hindi and one of the best herbal plant for treatment of Cancer. Cardiospermum halicacabum plants are widely distributed in India.

Gorakhmundi/Sphaeranthus indicus


Sphaeranthus indicus is known to have list of health promoting properties. Gorakhmundi has been widely used in the Ayurvedic system of India.

Chakramarda/ Cassia tora


Chakramarda is very common flowering plant occurs after the rainy season at wasteland of India. The whole plant, roots, leaves and seeds are widely used in traditional Indian medicine.

Punarnava/Boerhavia diffusa

Punarnava flowering plant known to have medicinal properties, pain relief and other uses. Root and leaves are often used as vegetable in many parts of India.

Bhringaraj/Eclipta prostrata

Bhringaraj plant from sunflower family is widely distributed throughout India. The plant has many traditional uses in Ayurveda and good for skin infections and toothaches.

Kantakari/Solanum xanthocarpum


Kantakari is one of the most important medicinal plant of Ayurveda that widely grows in open forest of India. The herb is used for treating cold, cough and asthma.

Patharchatta/Kalanchoe Pinnata


Patharchatta used in list of folk medicine in ancient India and very useful in kidney stones. Kalanchoe Pinnata is found almost throughout India and also used for ornamental purpose in gardens.

Apamarga/Achyranthes aspera


Apamarga plant mostly found in roadsides environment of India. The plant and its root have been used for folk medicine.

Castor Plant/Ricinus


Castor Plant or Ricinus is a flowering plant and have medicinal properties. Castor oil from castor bean are very rich in triglycerides and has many uses in medicine.

Cocklebur/Xanthium strumarium


Cocklebur is known as chota datura and known to have many healing properties and medicinal value.  Xanthium strumarium have become an invasive species.

Asthma Weed/Euphorbia hirta


Asthma plant is a hairy herb that grows in roadsides and pathways. The herb plant is known as dudh ghas in Hindi and have long list of healing abilities.

The most common plants of India used in Ayurveda also include Sarpagandha, arjuna tree,Acacia or Babool tree and Albizia lebbeck Siris Tree.



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  • Neeraj Patel says:

    Beggar’s Tick/Bidens Pilosa has no reference on Ayurveda to the best of my knowledge. Please provide the ayurvedic and book reference for this plant.

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