16 Must Know National Symbols of Incredible India

National symbols of India represent the identity elements and distinctive characteristic of the country. These symbols have been chosen very carefully and depict the culture and nature of India. Here is the list of 16 National Symbols of Incredible India you should know.

In my opinion national vegetable of India should be Indian Pumpkin or Brinjal, National dish of India should be dal rice or roti sabji, Kingfisher would be the National aquatic birds of India, Himalayan Newt or Purple Frog would be the national amphibians of India and Gharial should be crowned as India’s National aquatic reptile.

National Flag – Tiranga


Tiranga also called Tricolour is the national flag of India, has three colours saffron at top which signifies sacrifice and patriotism, middle is white stands for truth with Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the white is a blue wheel, at bottom green for life and prosperity.

National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana

जनगणमन अधिनायक जय हे, भारतभाग्यविधाता।
पंजाब सिंध गुजरात मराठा, द्राविड़ उत्कल बंग।
विंध्य हिमाचल यमुना गंगा, उच्छल जलधि तरंग।
तव शुभ नामे जागे, तव शुभ आशिष मागे।
गाहे तव जयगाथा।
जनगणमंगलदायक जय हे, भारतभाग्यविधाता।
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे॥

Jana Gana Mana is the national anthem of India, composed by poet Rabindranath Tagore. The national anthem takes fifty-two seconds and was composed in Bengali language called sadhu bhasa.

National Song – Vande Mataram

वन्दे मातरम्।
सुजलाम् सुफलाम्
मलयज शीतलाम्
वन्दे मातरम्।

सुमधुर भाषिणीम्
सुखदाम् वरदाम्
वन्दे मातरम्।

Vande Mataram is the national song of India, composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. The song has been been translated into numerous Indian languages.

National Currency – Indian Rupee


Indian Rupee is the official currency of the Republic of India and controlled by the Reserve Bank of India. The new symbol was officially adopted in 2010 and started in circulation on 8 July 2011.

National Emblem

The national emblem of India is adopted from Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath, features four Asiatic lions. Emblem symbolizing power, courage, confidence and at the bottom is a horse and a bull with beautiful wheel Dharma chakra at centre.

National Pledge

भारत मेरा देश है।
सब भारतवासी मेरे भाई-बहन हैं।
मैं अपने देश से प्रेम करता हैं।
इसकी समृद्ध एवं विविध संस्कृति पर मुझे गर्व है।
मैं सदा इसका सुयोग्य अधिकारी बनने का प्रयत्न करता रहूँगा।
मैं अपने माता-पिता, शिक्षको एवं गुरुजनो का सम्मान करूँगा और प्रत्येक के साथ विनीत रहूँगा।
मैं अपने देश और देशवाशियों के प्रति सत्यनिष्ठा की प्रतिज्ञा करता हूँ।
इनके कल्याण एवं समृद्धि में ही मेरा सुख निहित है।

The National Pledge is an oath of allegiance recited in schools during the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations. The Indian national pledge was composed by Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao.

National Calendar – Saka Calendar

ज्येष्ठ (जेठ)
श्रावण (सावन)
भाद्रपद (भादों)
अश्विन (क्वार)
अग्रहायण (अगहन) 

Saka Calendar or Indian national calendar is the official calendar to use in India along with the Vikram Samvat. The Saka calendar follow the signs of the tropical zodiac.

National River – Ganges


Ganges river is the national river of India and the most sacred river to Hindus. The Ganges is also the longest river in India and home to endangered Ganges river dolphins.

National Flower – Indian Lotus


Indian Lotus is the most beautiful species of aquatic plant,commonly cultivated in water gardens. This aquatic plant occupies a unique position in the art and mythology of ancient India.

National Fruit – Mango


Mango is the national fruit of India,cultivated mostly for edible fruit. India is home to more than 100 varieties of the Mango fruits,found in nature as well as in the wild forest.

National Tree – Indian Banyan


Indian Banyan is the national tree of India and native to the Indian Subcontinent only. Banyan tree is among the largest trees in the world, Thimmamma Marrimanu located in Andhra Pradesh is the largest tree specimen in the world.

National Animal – Bengal Tiger


Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India and rank among the biggest cats in the world. India is home to largest numbder of Bengal tigers and the estimated populations of Bengal tiger in India increased to 3,890 individuals.

National Bird – Indian Peafowl


Indian Peacock or Indian Peafowl is the national bird of India, best known for long feathers and Peacock Dance before rain. The bird is found in the drier lowland areas and a resident breeder across the Indian subcontinent.

National Aquatic Animal – Ganges River Dolphin


The Ganges river dolphin has been declared as National Aquatic animal of India by the Indian government and also has been elected to be the city animal of the Guwahati. The South Asian river dolphin primarily found in the Ganges,Yamuna, Chambal river,Brahmaputra river and their tributaries.

National Reptile – King Cobra


King Cobra is selected as the National reptile of India, The species is endemic to India and Southeast Asia. It is the sole member of its own genus and world’s longest venomous snake with a maximum length of 18.8 ft.

National Heritage Animal – Indian Elephant

Great Indian Elephant

Indian Elephant has been declared as National Heritage animal of India,native to mainland Asia. The Indian elephant has been listed as endangered and threatened by habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation.

Below list is the suggestion By Walk Through India, There is no official record and announcement by Indian Government to make below list as National Symbol, The list entirely based on an individual.

 National Language - Hindi
 National Game - Hockey
 National Book - Gita
 National Mountain - Nanda Devi
 National Aquatic Reptile - Gharial
 National Aquatic Bird - Kingfisher
 National Amphibian- Purple Frog
 National Land Bird - Indian Bustard
 National Heritage Mammal - Gray Langur
 National Heritage Bird - Brahminy Kite or Indian Eagle

Indian peacock was designated as the national bird of India but there was some of the other birds also considered for the honour, such as Great Indian Bustard, Sarus crane (Sarus), Swan (Hansa), Brahminy Kite and Indian Eagle. Indian Eagle or Brahminy Kite represent the Garuda, a mythology bird and the vahana of the god Vishnu.

What is the National Language of India?

There is NO official national language of India as declared by the Constitution of India, additionally there are 22 official languages in India.

What is the National Game of India?

We may be assuming Hockey but India has NO national game so far, Hockey and Cricket are popular sports in India but as of now none of them are declared as a national game.

What is the National Microbe for India?

Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus has been announced as the National Microbe for India which is used for the production of yogurt.

What is the National Fish of India?

There is no national fish of India but we have national aquatic animal Ganges river dolphin, Indian Mackerel may be known as national fish of India.

What is the National Butterfly of India?

There is NO national butterfly of India, Kaiser-i-Hind (Teinopalpus imperialis) swallowtail butterfly means emperor of India and may be the national butterfly of India.

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