Top 10 Best Places to Spot Dolphins in India

The Ganges river dolphin is the national aquatic animal of India and also selected as city animal for the Indian city of Guwahati,found only in India and neighbor countries. There are only two subspecies of South Asian river dolphin found in India, Ganges river dolphin and Indus river dolphin. The Ganges river dolphin found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries, Assam and Bihar are two best place in India to spot Ganges river dolphins,rest of the place are famous for oceanic dolphins, Irrawaddy dolphin and Bottlenose dolphins.

Vikramashila Dolphin Gangetic Sanctuary – Ganges River Dolphins


Vikramashila Dolphin Gangetic Sanctuary of Bhagalpur is the only protected area for the endangered Gangetic dolphins in India. The Gangetic dolphins can be seen from Vikramshila Setu, only a few hundred remain in the sanctuary.

National Chambal Sanctuary – Ganges River Dolphins

National Chambal Sanctuary on the Chambal river is a protected area for critically endangered gharial, endangered Red crowned roofed turtle and the endangered Ganges river dolphin. The Sanctuary is also listed as an important bird area and a proposed Ramsar site.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park – Ganges River Dolphins


Dibru Saikhowa National Park also a biosphere reserve is bounded is by the Brahmaputra and Lohit rivers. The park is haven for many endangered species and very rich in fish diversity, Gangetic dolphins can be easily seen here over the flood plains of the Brahmaputra river.

Goa – Ocean Dolphins

Goa is famous for Dolphin watching at sinquerim beach,Morjim Beach,Candolim Beach Goa, Calangute Beach  and Palolem Beach. These famous beaches of Goa offers good chance to see some dolphins.

Maharashtra – Ocean Dolphins

Dolphins Spotting in Maharashtra is one of the must do offbeat weekend getaway and Dapoli is the place for that. Tarkarli Beach in Sindhudurg is another places where you can spot dolphins in Maharashtra.

Karnatka and Kerala – Humpback Dolphins

Karwar coast in Karnatka  and Cherai Beach of Kerala are famous for dolphins in India. Dolphin sightings are now common on Kochi coast especially during high tide

Chilka Lake – Irrawaddy Dolphins


Chilika Lake is heaven for migratory birds, Irrawaddy dolphins as well as small population of Bottlenose dolphins. Satapada in Chilika lake is home to few only known population of Irrawaddy dolphins in India.

Lakshadweep – Bottlenose Dolphins

Lakshadweep group of islands is known for list of tourist attraction such as such as scuba diving, wind surfing and snorkelling. The countless islands and coral reef of Lakshadweep are home to ocean dolphins, turtles, corals and fishes.

North Button Island National Park – Irrawaddy Dolphins

North Button Island National Park of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is home to many unique creatures such as the dugong, water monitor lizard and the dolphins. Dolphins are most widespread aquatic mammals from the families of Delphinidae, the oceanic dolphins.

Sunderban National Park – Irrawaddy Dolphins


Sundarbans is the mangrove ecoregion and home to largest species of crocodiles in India. The waterways of Sunderban National Park is also rich in Aqua fauna, Some fish and amphibians found in the Sundarbans are mudskipper,sawfish,rare Irrawaddy and Ganges dolphins.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park – Spinner Dolphin

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park in the Indian Ocean is home to high diversity of marine plants and animals such as 9 Species of Whale,6 Species of Dolphin,endangered Green turtles and a vulnerable marine mammal Dugong.

Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park – Risso’s Dolphin

Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park is a fragile ecosystem in Dwarka district of Gujarat and support rare marine mammals including green sea turtles, olive ridleys and leatherbacks,Common Dolphin, Sea snakes, dugongs,finless porpoises, sperm whales and Whale sharks.

Rani Jhansi Marine National Park – Common Dolphin

Rani Jhansi Marine National Park is located in the island of Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal. The park consisting small islands in the Bay of Bengal and an important habitat for the Common dolphin,Risso’s dolphin, sea cucumber and Green turtle.

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