10 Wildlife Sanctuary to Spot Wild Wolf in India

Indian Wolf is one of the subspecies of great grey wolf and similar in structure to the European wolf. Indian wolves are the largest species of canid found in India,Indian Jackal,Indian Wild Dog, Red Fox and Himalayan Wolf being others.

Indian gray wolf is distributed across the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. There are around 2000–3000 Indian wolves lives in India, As per recent news, The Indian wolf spotted in Sunderbans for the first time.

Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary near Karauli is located near the buffer zone of the Ranthamboree National Park in Rajasthan. The sanctuary host one of the largest population of wild wolf in India.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounds by the Kumbhalgarh fortress and home to a variety of wildlife. Some of the endangered wild animal species found in Kumbhalgarh sanctuary includes jungle cat, Indian leopard, sloth bear, striped hyena, Golden jackal and Indian wolf.

Todgarh Raoli Sanctuary, Rajasthan


Todgarh Raoli Sanctuary is located in the heartland of Rajasthan and is the most unexplored pristine wildlife sanctuary of India. The deciduous forests and grassland of sanctuary is known for amazing wild animals such as Indian leopard, Chinkara, sloth bears and Indian wolf.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is Kathiawar Gir type dry deciduous forest, located in the Aravalli range. The sanctuary is very rich in floral bio diversity and home to highly rare, threatened and endangered species such as jungle cat, Indian wolf, striped hyena, Golden jackal and Indian fox.

Blackbuck National Park, Gujarat

Blackbuck National Park at Velavadar is home to largest population of blackbuck,striped hyena,lesser florican and Indian gray wolf. The park has different types of habitat and savannah type grassland ecosystem.

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Gujarat

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary near Jakhau village of Gujarat is dedicated to great Indian bustard, heaviest flying bird in India. The sanctuary is one of the smallest sanctuary in India and habitat to unique wild animals such as Indian wolf, caracal, jackal, striped hyena and spiny tailed lizard.

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Gujarat


Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary offers unique eco system for Chinkara, black bucks and Indian wolf. Some of the most important wild animals supported by the sanctuary also include caracal,striped hyena and Indian jackal.

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary is the only one of its kind in India and few last remaining habitats of the cheetah in India as well as a reintroduction site for Cheetah in India.

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary at the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra is the most suitable habitat for the Bengal tiger as well as Gir lion. The sanctuary is also a protected area for the Indian sloth bear,wild Indian dogs and Indian wolf.

Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary, Karnataka

Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary at Haveri District of Karnataka is declared to protect blackbucks but also known for large number of wolf populations in India.

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary is located 100 Kms from Pune in Ahmednagar and offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The main animal species includes Blackbucks, Indian jackal, striped hyena and Indian wolf.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra


Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Pune district of Maharashtra is the samllest sanctuary in India but offers stunning landscapes and wildlife. The main animal species found in the sanctuary are Indian Gazelle Chinkara,Striped Hyena,Indian Jackal and Indian gray wolf.

Indian Gray Wolves are also appear in below list of National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Gujarat and Rajasthan state of India has highest number of wild wolf in India, The endangered Indian wolves are protected under Indian wildlife act.

  • Desert National Park
  • Tadoba National Park
  • Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
  • Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • National Chambal Sanctuary

Himalayan Wolf and Tibetan Wolf

Himalayan Wolf along with Tibetan Wolf are found living in the Trans-Himalaya region of India. The Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh host largest number of Himalayan wolves in India, Ladakh and Spiti Valley are best place to spot Himalayan Wolf in India along with Red Fox and Snow Leopard.

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