10 Best Brands of Sanitary Pads Available in India

Sanitary napkins are true friends of women and one of the best feminine hygiene product available. Here is the list of top brands sanitary napkins available in India.

Other well known brands of Sanitary Pads available in India are Laiqa, Purganics,Bliss Sanitary Pads,VWash Wow UltraThin Sanitary Napkins, Suvidha biodegradable pads, Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins, Always Sanitary Pads, Soch, Sakhi and Saathi.

Sanitary Napkins by Jayaashree Industries

Jayaashree Industries by Arunachalam Muruganantham is the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad-making machine, installed in 23 of the 29 states of India. A film based on Muruganantham’s life, titled Pad Man.

Pro Ease

Pro Ease brand is part of the RSPL Group, The Pro Ease Sanitary Pads are available in regular sized pads along with GoLong and GoX, The combo pack comes with Day Pads as well as specially designed ‘Day & Night.’


Comfy sanitary napkin by Amrutanjan provide maximum protection and has superior absorption capacity. Amrutanjan Healthcare pharmaceutica lcompany is most well known for Amrutanjan balm in India.



Nine is an affordable and home grown Indian brand of sanitary napkin, Also known for launching its product as the lowest cost sanitary pad in the Indian market.


Always brand of feminine hygiene is sold under the name Whisper in India, produced by Procter & Gamble. Whisper brand offers a wide range of sanitary napkins in India for every girl, woman and products includes Whisper Ultra,Whisper Choice and Ultra Regular Wings.


Stayfree brand of feminine hygiene is produced by Johnson & Johnson, uniquely designed for woman’s body. Johnson & Johnson offers range of sanitary napkins offline as well as online.


The feminine hygiene brand Sofy by Unicharm Corporation is a market leader in India as well as in Asia. Japanese company Unicharm also manufactures cleaning products and diapers for both babies and adult.


Carefree hygiene products are a household name in the Indian market, provide freshness and good experience to women with ultra thin, tampons and maxi pads.


Kotex brand of sanitary napkins is owned by Kimberly-Clark, offers variety of tampons, pads and feminine hygiene products. The company is a leading brand for feminine hygiene products in India, produce Overnight Panties, Periodwear and Sanitary Protection.


Bella brand of maxi pads are owned by TZMO SA, provide absorption and protection against leakages. Also Bella Classic are the only breathable sanitary napkins in India.

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