15 Popular Indian Brands of Bathing Bar for Ladies

While the Indian market has flooded luscious, aromatic washings since recent years, the good old soaps remain the first option for Indians. Not only are soaps easy to use, but they are also very convenient. Others prefer to dry because much of their natural oils are drained from the skin, but soaps are often hydrated and leave the baby’s skin smooth.

There is a large range of possibilities for picking soap on your supermarket avenue and you might be confused about what to pick. We send you the top ten best Indian soaps that offer you an incredibly low-cost refreshing bath and humidified skin.



Cinthol bathing bar is now available in five different versions of lime, pleasant, original and Deo. It is the property of Godrej Group under Godrej Consumer Goods. Cinthol Original Soap is a bathing bar built for a nice, radiant appearance of your face and is one of the best soap for women.

Venus Soap – By RSPL


The Venus Cream bar soap got relaunched in 2014 with a new and changing need of consumers. The bathing bar is a property of RSPL Group that also own famous Ghadi Detergent brand.



Medimix soap is a Cholayil Private Limited Indian herbal soap brand. It is filled with 18 excellent herbs to protect the skin and enhance somethingness. Ayurvedic, herbal and natural skin care ingredients have been established to be interchangeable, and are available in 4 variations.

Fiama Di Wills


The skin, scalp and hair are well known for their curative, preventive and enhancement. Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soap and bathing bar has a rich lather enhanced with extracts from 18 scientifically formulated herbs to protect against various skin problems. This is one of the most appropriate women’s soaps.

Vivel by ITC


Aloe Vera is strengthened by the Vivel soap brand and Vitamin E, which offers a gentle touch. The brand is also part of the ITC and has been introduced so that women can look beautiful and safe. The launch of their exclusive soaps line, Skin Nourishing Vivel, one of the India’s most exciting brands and ITC ‘s leading personal care brands.



This natural soap is formulated by Biotique Advanced Ayurveda and is complemented by orange and pure orange oils and other fruits and vegetables. The orange zest enzymes will reduce dead cells and reinvigorate the skin to make it appear younger. This encourages ‘cell regeneration’ through the gentle operation of ‘peeling.’

Mysore Sandal Soap


It is another classic soap, renowned for its scent of sandalwood and its great healing and refreshing properties. It is strengthened by glycerin, vegetable oils, and pure sandalwood oil and beautifully moisturizes the skin and significantly lightens its color. Just pure sandalwood oil is it soap. It also avoids many diseases of the skin.

Patanjali – Ayurvedic Soap

Patanjali bathing soap are not only available with natural ingredients but also offers care to different types of skin and hair, The soap varieties available from Patanjali includes Neem Kanti, Haldi Chandan Kanti, Honey Kanti, aloe vera Kanti and kesar Kanti.

Godrej No.1


Godrej No.1 offers a good purification experience for natural skin safety, Even recommended for people of all ages for this soap. The brand is also owned by Godrej Consumer, an Indian FMCG company based in Mumbai.

Margo – Jyothy Laboratories


The brand Margo soap was among India’s top five brands by 1988, and now the brand has been revived in the premium soap market by the Jyothy Laboratories in India. Jyothy Laboratories has acquired 50,97 percent of the Henkel India stock in Margo soap as its main ingredient and previously belonged to Henkel.

Santoor By Wipro


Santoor is a popular brand of Wipro Consumer Care and is a original smelling soap, including herbal goods with the newest innovations of skincare that provides 100% better protection than standard soap.

Khadi Natural Sandalwood Soap

The bar is made of sandalwood petroleum. Ghrit Kumari, Mulethi, Ratan Joth, Red Sandalwood, and Glycerin are also ingredients. It cleanses the skin and detoxifies it so that it appears radiant. Sandalwood has acne regulation and can hold acne in the skin periodically. This has natural ingredients such as sandalwood oil and acne.

Himalaya Herbals


Himalaya herbals and refreshing cucumber and coconut soap, Although the Himalayan Herbals’ Soap Sentiment also contains different variants, this is the best choice for the next summer. This cool and purifies the peel thus leaving this soft. cocoon oil and cucumber.

Famus Soap- By Fena


Famus Perfume Beauty Soap’s mild fragrance helps you to feel light and fresh all day long. It relaxing and revitalizes the skin. This has also calming, nutritious and hydrating properties for holders.

Chandrika Soap by Wipro

Chandrika is a brand of soap manufactured and sold in India by Wipro Consumer Care, And the ingredients are orange oil, sandalwood oil, coconut oil and lime peel oil.

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