Most Popular 10 Different Ways to Wear a Saree

Formal, friendly, traditional, and much more can become sarees. Even the most fascinating and costly saree can still be a little dull by wearing them in one style. Therefore, we bring some fun and alternative ways to drape your saree and change a traditional look.

The women scour every shop to get this beautiful and exclusive look from lehengas and palazzos to anarchies and sarees. Yet we all know how boring the cycle can be and how to manage it.

  1. Belt style
    Drape the usual way of your saree and simply add a belt to the waist to secure your pallu. When you want to look more traditional, you can also use the Kamar bandh. A declaration blouse such as a shoulder blouse will certainly add zing to your outfit.
  2. Dhoti Style
    Thanks to its superior quotient quality, this saree cloak quality has become very popular among fashion artists. This does not only have extra movement but also looks perfect for an eclectic look with winter blazers and jacks.
  3. Butterfly style
    This sexy saree style is a sleek and non-vulnerable concept for saree draping, as seen on most Bollywood celebrities today. Just flow the top of your pallu in a thin column and you’re ready for the lower part of the pallu after a fan-like form of a butterfly. Folding the pallu into a column that goes over the chest is another difference in this.
  4. Neck drape style
    You have to wrap the pallu like a scarf around your neck. To achieve this look, you will need to keep your pallu length longer. You can also try as many different types as you like.
  5. Mumtaz style
    A channel at this season’s wedding in some retro vibes. If you remember the epic style of Ram Aur Shyaam’s Mumtaz saree draping, then that will be easy. The key to this design is that the saree is laid. The retro style has become popular by actor Mumtaz and looks amazing when you like a sexy, blingy chiffon saree.
  6. Mermaid style
    Situated in the lower part of the tiles, this type of draping looks like the tail of a squirrel. The drape may sound like a lot of work, but only a few extra splashes and plates are required.
  7. Lehenga Style
    Don’t have a lehenga, but do you insist you wear a lehenga to your friend? Try the saree-like lehenga, and fake the appearance. Now, while it needs to be careful and effortful, it is certainly easier than you never wear money on a lehenga.
  8. Bengali style
    While traditional Bengali sarees do not always have reverse flags, because of their uniqueness, this alternative Bengali style is more common. This is not only perfect for sarees with rich borders, but also a nice drapery if you just want the backless blouse to show off.
  9. Front Pallu style
    This one must be the simplest. You take it back to your right shoulder instead of carrying the pallu to your left shoulder. Although the style of Gujarati involves spreading from the platters, you cannot do so too.
  10. Pre-stitched Gown style
    You need a blouse that’s barbaric if you want to destroy this theme. You can play with the blouse as much as you like with the sequin, net, jacket-style, or peplum-style for the pre-stitched gown.

We, therefore, recommend you try something else this time instead of racking your brains in tiny allies of the local bazaar. How about having a new saree outfit? Sounds interesting? Sounds interesting? You can get ten different styles and looks with one saree! It’ll be nothing like you’ve seen it, so it’ll flatter you.

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