10 Best Selling Sarees For Indian Wedding Bride

Sarees, the purest form of modesty and the epitome of grace. This six-yard stretch of woven cloth has been ruling the Indian ethnic world since ancient times.

When the finest threads of silk are crafted into an opulent range of designs, patterns and fashion, elegance speaks right there! If stories are to be believed, the king of different states encouraged craftsmen to produce exquisite pieces of this wear to suit their royal ladies and it was also regal enough to sell at expensive prices and hold the kindgom’s economy. Nevertheless, from that era to this new modern world, the magic of saree stays true to its value.

Here listed some most popular varieties of Sarees in India.

1.Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu

Also known as the queen of sarees, Kanjeevaram, are one of the best selling sarees across the country which are loved by the ladies of India.You can drape this saree for any occasions like wedding, festival or any kind of get together.

2.Sambalpuri from Odisha

With a completely different layout,new designs and exclusive color combinations,makes Sambalpuri sarees the best ones in India.It is a handwoven saree which is weaved with much delicacy and fineness with different techniques.

3.Banarasi from Varanasi

When it comes to silk, Banarasi sarees are always on the top of our list. There will be no Indian women who would not own a Banarasi saree of her choice.Best known for their gold and silver zari designs and patterns, Banarasi saree are woven from the finest silk in India.

4.Chanderi Saree – Madhya Pradesh

From the state of Madhya Pradesh ,orginates a famous saree known as Chanderi.These sarees are produced in all forms with the use of cotton ,zari and silk.It’s unique designs includes floral art,peacocks,traditional coins and geometrics that makes it amongst the best selling sarees in India.

5.Bhagalpuri from Bihar

Bhagalpuri sarees are handwoven and are produced by the most proficient and skilled weavers of Bhagalpur. It’s unique dyeing techniques and different patterns makes it the most elegant and exceptional.These sarees are also famous from it’s another name known as Tussar silk sarees.

6.Chikankari Saree from Lucknow

From the city of nawabs,comes an exclusive and traditional saree known as Chikankari which is one among the sarees that are widely sold in our country.You can easily guess by its name that this is something about embroidery.

7.Taant from West Bengal

Taant sarees are the traditional sarees of Bengal and can be found in wardrobes of most of the Indian women..Taant sarees are lightweight and can be worn on summers days that would keep you relaxed with a decent and charming look, one of the most selling sarees in India.

8.Nauvari from Maharashtra

Nauvari sarees are one of the admired sarees and comes in the list of best selling ones in India.These are much popular in Maharashtra but are also worn by women of different regions. Nauvari sarees are made of pure silk and are available in vibrant shades.

9.Kasavu from Kerala

From the land of God ‘s own country comes the most exceptional saree which are on our list among the most selling ones. These sarees are basically available in cream color with a thick golden border which are also made with threads of real gold. Kerala’s Kasavu comes to as one of the finest traditional sarees that are made in India.

10.Phulkari from Punjab

Firstly these sarees were majorly worn by the ladies of Punjab and north India.It’ elegance and fashionable designs have now attracted women from all the regions and has now become one of the best selling sarees in our country.

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