10 Types of Shoes For Every Fashionable Indian Woman

If diamonds accessorize our ensemble, shoes are no less! Apart from giving women an extra oomph, they ooze out our personality and right impression. Thus any fashion conscious woman simply cannot have enough footwear!

While picking our shoes one needs to be careful cause the right shoes can make you look like a diva but a wrong one can totally ruin your fashion game. Every season, we all hog to collect the latest footwear even though most of us are not even close to being an expert in this sector. But hey! We have got your back. Here we present 10 types of shoes that every fashionable woman should have in their wardrobe. Check them out.

1. Stilettos

The stilettos are the long,pencil thin, high heel kind of footwear which has become a leading fashion statement for the ladies these days. These shoe style goes best on formal outfits which gives you an elegant look at the same time. So ladies start on your savings and get ready to go for those sexy pair of stilettos.

2. Ballerinas

Ballerinas are a good looking casual footwears that can be used on a daily basis. These ballet pumps are a kind of even slipper type shoe. Having a ballerinas is a must required stuff tour wardrobe l A pretty and practical solution to casual, everyday footwear.These are available in every print and color of your choice and a very affordable price.

3. Canvas Shoes

Canvas are a light and flexible shoes that looks great for a casual look. It has a sporty appearance and are much comfortable to wear for a hectic day. Canvas shoes comes in every color and pattern of your need and goes best with a jeans and a t shirt. Make this choice for a weekend trip.

4. Wellington Boots

A Wellington boots are a thick rubber boot with a husky sole which allows you to easily walk through muddy roads and relish jumping in puddles without devastating your shoes. It can also be worn on dry winter days for carnivals and outings.The days are gone when wellies used to come in green and look dull. You can now shop for variant color of your choice that goes best with your outfit.

5. Flip Flops

The ideal footwear which can be worn for the lazy summer days are flip flops. These flat slippers makes you feel comfy the whole day.It also gives you a stylish look needed. You can wear it on a beach or a pool party and give a gm fashion statement with these pair of flip flops.

6. Mules

Mules are a shoe with it’s front closed and back opened. It gives a formal look and an ideal footwear to put on for private and official meetings. It goes best with narrow pants worn with a blazer or coat. Moreover it gives more support than the normal flip flops and keeps you relaxed.

7. Gladiator sandals

Gladiators are basically sandals with a strappy appearance. It has a T-bar which runs down in the front. This footwear goes best with a maxi dress and a floral gown. These are available in heels as as well and can be worn in fashion walks.

8. Brogues

In the past few years Brogues has been a major fashion statement which is being commonly used but the ladies. The days are gone when Brogues were only used by men. It is as adjustable as any normal flat shoe and more comfortable than a ballerina flats. They can be worn on official parties or business meetings which gives a formal look. Traditionally it was mostly available in brown and black leather but now it can be seen in variant color and pattern.

9. Women’s Boots

Boots are something of interest for all the ladies. It can be worn in all the seasons. From wearing a casual long boots for a short trip to ankle length boots for any occasion, will make you look different. These days boots are available at a very affordable price and of different patterns and styles which will make your look go wao!

10. Pumps

Pumps are a pencil heel sandal type of footwear which can be worn on any dress. It gives a perfect chic look and matches with all your outfits including long formal dresses, jumpsuits, long maximum, cigarette pants, etc. Pumps can be easily worn on any parties, casual trips or formal days and add ups to a glamorous look.

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