Top 10 Best Gym And Fitness Centre for Ladies in India

It is well said Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings .When it comes to humans it makes a complete sense.Having a physical and mental well being is all you need to live a healthy life. The time has gone where people used to burn down their calories under scorching heat and chilled climates.

These days the women of our nation are also concerned about their well being and fitness, and why not they have all rights to live a healthy life. Choosing a right gym for ladies is now no more a difficult task. Here we bring you with the top 10 best gym and fitness centre for ladies in India.

1. CrossFitOM

India’s first Crossfit gym, CrossFitOM was established by Elite Crossfit trainer and athlete Dheepesh Bhatt.This fitness centre is well known for its workouts including a mixture of gymnastics, weight lifting, and strength conditioning.

It is also one of the best gym centres for the women of all ages. The gym is famed among many Bollywood celebrities including Ranveer Singh, Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and many more.

2. Ozone Fitness

Ozone fitness centre is the first fitness center, which is awarded and certified as ISO-9001-2000 and ISO-14001. It is one of the lavish association of India.It provides a safe and secure environment for the ladies and make the place ideal for slimming and trimming process.

3. Vivafit Fitness Center

Situated in numerous parts of country Vivafit fitness center is the women’s fitness center and gym which is seen in multiple countries including Portugal, Spain and India. The foremost aim of the gym is to make woman shed down their extra body fat and make them more healthy and confident. It renders a safe and secure environment for the woman for workout.

4. Curves Health Clubs and Fitness Centers for Women

This health club is an international one solely for the ladies all around the globe. This US based fitness club is regarded as the world’s second largest women’s health centre in the world.It’s centres can also be witnessed in India in the past few months, one at Mumbai and 2 at Hyderabad. It aims to have 250 centres across the country within next 3 years. This fitness center has a speciality that it’s workout session can burn upto 500 calories. So ladies get ready for the slim fit dresses.

5. Fitness One

Fitness One centre was started on a less budget but now is a leading fitness centre in India. It was created by much spirit and vision. The main motto of the company is to make women loose their weight and get it into their proper shape. Along with matchless facilties it creates a healthy environment for the women to workout and maintain their physique.

6. Fluid Fitness

Brought up by PSA health centre, fluid fitness centre is a world class fitness centre which provides you with the supreme spa techniques. It was established in India and now is pursuing to enlarge their divisions. It provides amazing solutions for remaining fit and healthy.

7. Talwalkars Gym

Tag walkers is India’s largest group of fitness centre. It has world class facilities which includes cardio training, yoga, steam/sauna, weight training, aerobics, spin cycle studio and a healthy diet. This is perfect for women and can be opted if you want to shed off your calories within few months. .

8. Steel Gym

This gym is in an enormous area of 12,000 sq which is located in posh Jubilee Hills. You can find a female gym trainer which will help you in burning calories along with a safe atmosphere. Many celebrities including Rana Daggubati, Sudheer Babu, Tamannah, among others are the members of steel. What can be better than working out with stars!

9. Gold’s Gym

Gold’s gym is a very famous chain of international fitness center which can be seen throughout the globe.It was initially established in California by Joe Gold. The gym has highly trained personal trainers and well equipped setup. This gym can be seen in most of the cities in India.


VLCC Slimming & Beauty Centre of India is one of the leading health care centre where thousand of members workout to burn their calories. They are well known for weight loss training for the ladies.

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