Top 10 Best Perfumes in Budget for Women in India

Perfumes have been around for ages and they are more than just the fragrance. Your perfume makes a statement about who you are and what taste you have as an individual. But  let’s face it: as much as we all want to smell great, we can’t stop paying for food and rent just to afford a shimmering bottle of fancy scent.

Making life easy for you, today we bring you a list of 10 ravishing perfumes that perfectly fall under your budget. These alluring, aromatic and affordable range of perfumes would add to your attitude and spice up your feminine persona.

So go ahead ladies, smell heavenly, feel special and entice men without spending a bomb!

1. Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume

With top notes of mixed fruits like plum, citrusy, peach apricot  along with heart notes of jasmine, rose, muguet, cinnamon and sandalwood with prop notes of cederwood with vanilla and caramel, Revlon Charlie Gold gives you a sensuous and a tempting aroma. This women’s perfume makes you smell all day long.

Price : 715 INR

2. Playboy Play It Spicy Perfume

Playboy play it spicy perfume has floral notes along with a mix of oriental.  It gives an exotic and seductive smell one would love to have. It’s fruity  and vanilla accords makes it smell yummy and it’s also super long lasting.

Price : 675 INR

3. Oriflame Queen Of The Night

Everybody wants Oriflame Queen of the night on their conceit.This one is desirable  for mocktail parties or a family dinners and other special occasions!With an amazing smell it comes up with your budget.

Price : 800 INR

4. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

This fragrance of captivating  top notes of bitter orange and lily of the valley is going to keep you fresh and full of energy all day long. Apply it for  office or a shopping  day. This feminine perfume can be bought at a number affordable price.

Price : 995 INR

5. Revlon Charlie Red

Revlon Charlie red is an ideal fragrance  for a normal day at  college or work. It has a floral yet musky scent along with the  accords of the blackcurrent, orange flower,  plum and apricot. This is just perfect for the women having a busy schedule.  It is going to make you feel energetic  and  feel fresh for the whole day.

Price: 489 INR

6. Trendy from Nike

Trendy from Nike is a branded women’s fragrance which is an ideal choice  for the modern girl on the go. It’s oriental fragnance keeps your long day stress away. Being sporty it marks feminisim. It’s cheap is going to keep things on your side.

Price: 598 INR

7. Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil from The Body Shop

This perfume is so intense that you only need to apply a drop to keep yourself enthusiastic and fiery till the dusk.Just smudge it on your pulse areas and behind your earlobe, and you’re done for the whole day. It’s small size can make you carry it the whole day.

Price : 895 INR

8. Nike Urban Musk Perfume

If you are a Oriental lover, Nike Urban Musk perfume must always be preferred. It is perfect for the ladies of all ages. It keeps you positive and never let’s your spark dull in most of your hectic schedules. It gives a long lasting fragrance throughout the day.

Price: 222 INR

9. Yardley English Lavender Perfume

If you are a lover of lavender, trust me this Yardley English lavender perfume is going to be perfect for you. It’s bracing aroma surrounds you with all the positive vibes and keeps you full of life. This amazing perfume is available at a very affordable price one would love to own. 

Price : 849 INR

10. Victoria’s Secret Garden Pure Seduction perfume – Price:722 INR

As the name suggests, this is going to be something  very pleasant and desirable for you. Just a few drops are going to keep you away from the old lazy day. It’s garden fresh smell is so intense that it would delight up your mood.

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  • Abhijeet says:

    I searched for the perfumes you mentioned above for the Price you mentioned but unfortunately not able to find for that price not even near to price you mentioned. Would you please add some info about where can we get it @ price you mentioned.

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