Top 12 Best Designer Brands of Jewellery for Women

A couple of decades back, Indian ladies liked to purchase gems from their confided in the nearby diamond setter, be it an individual achievement, a spur of the moment purchase, or a wedding. Nonetheless, late changes in customer propensities have demonstrated a slow move to looking for gems at national gems houses with flourishing nearness crosswise over level I, II, and III urban communities.

Indeed, India is the second most noteworthy buyer of gold on the planet and one of the leading exporters of diamonds and adornments on the world. Valuable metal, gemstone, and birthstone adornments market is enormous in India, and there is no deficiency of top gems brands.


Tanishq of Tata Company is the most believed gems brand of India and back by Tata Group and TIDCO. The Tanishq bunch’s most famous brands of adornments in India incorporate Mia for working ladies, Rivaah for the wedding section, and Mirayah.

The name of the brand was instituted utilizing ‘Tan,’ which means body and ‘Nishk,’ which means gold adornment. Tanishq realizes how to charm ladies with Bollywood motivated accumulations like Padmavat and Jodha Akbar, customary accumulations like Swarnam and Shubham, Mia for the cosmopolitan lady and Rivaah for the ladies.


The brand bests our rundown basically because they accept their structures do the talking. The boutiques aren’t threatening with substantial lighting and creamy insides. Instead, they invite you to a mood that is at standard with worldwide boutiques with moderate insides.

The brand started its voyage in 1888, preceding it transformed into ORRA. Present in 21 urban communities, the brand has 33 stores that house the most impeccable plans of gold and precious stone adornments. It is a standout amongst other jewel marks in India. The alternatives that they have for marriage gems with wedding sets in Kundan, Polki, and shaded stones make sure to leave you entranced.

3.Kalyan Jewelers

Having 133 showrooms spread crosswise over India and GCC, Kalyan Jewelers holds a noticeable spot when we discuss top adornments brands and expensive stone brands in India. A behemoth gems brand with 122 stores crosswise over India and the Middle East, Kalyan Jewelers have been in the business since pre-autonomy. Their moving precious stone gathering called Glo is an exceptional advancement where suspended precious stones inside the adornments pieces ‘move’ entrancingly. While a portion of their costly and pompous adornments beginning from six digits or more, they additionally have reasonable and contemporary every day wear accumulations for a relaxed look.

Kalyan Jewelers is the most trusted and visited adornments brand in India for wedding gems, with supporters who depend on their flower items. Amitabh Bachchan is the brand representative, and fans anxiously anticipate his promotions for the brand.

4.PC Jeweler

Consolidated in 2005 in Delhi, PC Jeweler has quickly risen through the positions of the Indian gems advertise and has more than 94 stores in 74 urban communities. Their stores are in high road shopping territories, and their treasures collection comprises of spectacular accumulations crosswise overvalue focuses, their ability being precious stone adornments. They have brilliant contributions to weddings and wedding bands just as every day wear decorations. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are the brand envoys.

5.Amrapali Jewels

A Jaipur-based adornments house established in 1978, Amrapali Jewels makes the world’s best legacy extravagance gems that are beyond words. Named after an acclaimed Indian concubine/muse Amrapali, the adornments house mixes customary Indian craftsmanship with legacy themes by putting a contemporary turn on it, delivering stunning gemstone perfect works of art on silver and gold.

On the off chance that your palette slants towards originator explanation gems propelled by the bubbly Indian legacy, Tribe by Amrapali is the best adornment store in India. They have stores in significant Indian urban areas, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur.

6.Malabar Gold & Diamonds

One of India’s highest believed gems brands with amazing turnovers, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, was established in 1993 in Kerala and had more than 210 showrooms crosswise over nine nations. They have the most exhaustive marriage adornments accumulation for the most part for South Indian ladies, yet additionally for ladies from overall locales of India.

From sharp precious stone and platinum adornments for events, everyday wear, office wear to intensely decorated gold, precious stone, and gemstone gems, Malabar Gold’s scope of contributions is different and extensive. Eminent accumulations are Era for whole precious stone adornments, and Fior-botanical themed luxurious and dainty jewels. Kareena Kapoor is the substance of the brand.

7.Joy Alukkas

Established in 1956 in Thrissur, Kerala, Joy Alukkas rules the southern markets and has 140 stores crosswise over 11 nations. Their manifestations incorporate expertly made customary South Indian gold gems, including elaborate gold and gemstone adornments for all events. Kajol is the brand face. Victor of a few quality honors, including the Super brand title, Joy Alukkas, is a well-regarded and surely understood adornments brand the whole way across India.

8.Senco Gold and Diamonds

Established in 1938, Senco Gold and Diamonds is in Kolkata, with 91 stores crosswise over significant Indian urban communities. Their gold and gem structures are masterful, and their value reaches are appropriate for each social strata. Their bangles and hoops accumulations are wonderfully planned, and their mixed drink rings are swoon-commendable. Ever light gathering is an ideal blend of gold and precious stone adornments. Their image endorser is Vidya Balan.

9.Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ)

Another stalwart in the gems field and the most established on our rundown, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ), was established in 1864. They have 31 showrooms in 23 urban communities, including all metropolitans and various level II and III urban cities. TBZ is well known for its shining Kundan gems, brilliant marriage accumulations, masterful celebration gems, contemporary Italian gems gathering called Ria, and the regal gems gathering called Azva. About the sheer wealth of specialty and creativity, TBZ is at the bleeding edge of value and advancement.

10.Carat Lane

Mostly an online adornments brand, Carat Lane, has the right to be on the rundown, not only for the developing number of their disconnected stores in the nation, yet in addition to the speed and adequacy with which it has caught the contemporary Indian lady’s heart and brain.

Jazzy and reasonable gold, and precious stone adornments for all events, the bounty of assortment in decorations, the sweeping of gems list for various psychographics, and profoundly innovative accumulations like Bombay Deco (roused by the city), Butterfly (vivid, precious jewels), and Madhubani (enlivened by components of nature), all enveloped with a case loaded with trust and quality. They, as of now, have 39 disconnected stores in significant urban communities, and development plans are in progress.

11.Bhima Jewelers

Bhima Jewelers has 36 gems stores in South India, incorporating Bangalore in Karnataka, Madurai in Tamil Nadu, and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The gems retail organization items incorporate Bengali overwhelming weight plans, Karwar valuable Stone, Tamil Nadu structures, Nellore shading Stone and Traditional Kerala structures.

12.PNG Jewelers

Their adventure began in the eighteenth century, and it proceeds to date with six ages of the Gadgil family, guaranteeing that the brand esteems are never traded off. With a solid spotlight on morals, PNG Jewelers has extended mindfully to cover most areas in Maharashtra, starting their voyage from Pune. Their online store works from Mumbai. The lead Heritage Collection has adornments in polki, jadau, uncut precious stones, and customary Maharashtrian gems.

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