Types of Bangles Made in India for Women

Bangles hold an imperative place in the Indian customs, particularly in the lives of wedded ladies. It isn’t only a decoration but an image of being a lady favored with a full and upbeat family. At the point when an Indian lady gets hitched, the bangles initially embellish her. It denotes her change from a guileless young lady to a capable lady.

India is a land favored with social assorted variety which is unmistakable in lengths at weddings. Ladies from various states parade various types of bangles.



Arm ornaments that are in strong shape, normally some metal, without catches or terminations, are alluded to as bangles or bangle armlets. They can be smooth, finished or set with stones. In India, glass bangles are normal. They are usually very thin and are worn in bunches because they make a wonderful tinkling sound.

Bangles of different materials such as glass, gold, silver and other materials are found all over India. The type of bangle preferred usually varies according to the culture.

Metal Bangles

Metal bangles are all time favorites of women. Bangles are a perfect accessory to give you a complete look. Metal bangles are available in different sizes, shapes, patterns and color. They are mostly of silver color but can be of other colors as well. They can be paired up with jeans or even salwar suits.


Kangans are basically an assortment of bangle yet is considerably thicker than a customary bangle. Numerous a times’ ladies wear a kangan on the two sides of the arrangement of bangles in each arm. Fancy kangans can likewise be worn separately when a man needs a moderate look. A colossal assortment of Kangans is accessible in gold, silver, metal, wood and other materials. A smooth round kanghan called kada is additionally worn by men.

Wrist Trinkets

A wrist trinket is a piece of attire or adornments that is worn around the wrist predominantly for fancy reason. Wristbands can be made of material or metal, and now and again contain rocks, wood, and shells. Arm ornaments are made of different kinds including bangle arm ornaments, development wrist trinkets, sleeve arm ornaments, beaded wrist trinkets, engage wrist trinkets, winding wristbands and connection arm ornaments. An extensive number of young men in India too wear armlets in the wrist for style. Though not famous as bride jewelry it can be easily carried off with western dresses.

Baju Band/Arm Bands

Since antiquated circumstances, ladies in India have been enriching their upper arm with elaborate arm groups. Not at all like wristlets, should the armlets or bajubands be formed such that they stay in position due to weight. For this auxiliary prerequisite, most armlets are made by suspending at least one supernatural pendant on a string or joining to a tie which can be fixed and tied according to the wearer’s necessity. Arm groups look awesome with sleeveless or short sleeved dresses. These are also quite famous in Bengali, Gujarat and Rajasthan culture.


Chooda has its own special position in Punjabi weddings. In Punjabi weddings maternal uncle (mama) and aunty (mami) gifts red/maroon and white/ivory choodas to the bride. But now days, brides loves to wear all the colours like pink, purple, orange and many more.

Shakha Pola

Shakha pola is also belonging in the list of traditional set. After the making of the bangles get finishes, it makes the look of the bangle more elegant. In Shakha pola the white one is made of shell, popularly known as sankh and the red one is made up of pola.

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