10 Ancient and Most Popular Stepwells in India

Stepwell or Baori are well or man made ponds in which the water may be reached by descending a set of steps. Baori are most common in western India and surviving stepwells can be found in North Karnataka (Karnataka), Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Chand Baori


Chand Baori stepwell is one of the most overlooked landmarks in the country,consits of 3,500 narrow steps over 13 storeys making it one of the deepest and largest stepwells in India.  is one of the oldest and most attractive landmarks in Rajasthan and also the most visually spectacular step well in India.

Rani ki Vav


The Queen’s Stepwell is situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat and included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Rani ki vav is a magnificent architecture east facing step well with multi-storeyed pavilions is a unique feature and one of the largest and the most sumptuous structures of its type.

Adalaj Stepwell


Adalaj Stepwell is a unique Hindu water building situated in the village of Adalaj near to Ahmedabad. The Adlaj stepwell attracts a large number of tourists and were also venues for colorful festivals and sacred rituals.

Rani Ki Ji Baori

Raniji ki Baori is one of the noted stepwell situated in Bundi town in Rajasthan. The multistoreyed structure with places of worship on each floor is a 46 m deep stepped well with some superb carvings on its pillars and a high arched gate.

Agrasen Ki Baoli


The protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India, Agrasen Ki Baoli is a 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well on Hailey Road near Connaught Place in New Delhi. Agrasen Ki Baoli is among a few of its kind in Delhi, consisting of 103 steps made of red stone, It is also one of the most haunted place in India.

Rajon Ki Baoli

Rajon Ki Baoli is a famous stepwell in India, located in Mehrauli Archaeological Park with 100 historically significant monuments. Gandhak ki Baoli and Rajon Ki Baoli are two stepwells located in Mehrauli Delhi.

Hampi Stepped Well

The Pushkarni Tank Hampi is an example of Chalukya architecture, the one in Hampi is a very beautiful built in the 15 century, Vijayanagara Dynasty.


Lakkundi Stepwell

Lakkundi is a village on the way to Hampi and known for the Chalukya style temples, stepped wells and historic inscriptions. There are numerous ancient wells in Lakkundi but Chateer Bavi, Kanne Bavi and Musukina Bavi are popular for their carvings architectural beauty and Manikesvara Temple stepped well is one of the Tourist attractions of Lakkundi.

Imambara Stepwell

Bara Imambara complex in Lucknow is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow. The Imambara complex also includes the large Asfi mosque, the bhulbhulayah and bowli, a step well with running water.

Modhera Stepwell


The Sun Temple complex of Modhera,situated on the bank of the river Pushpavati, Modhera temple is under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India. Surya Kund of Modhera is a large rectangular stepped water tank known as a finest example of geometry.


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