10 Interesting Facts About The Movie Baahubali:The Beginning

Baahubali:The Beginning has broke all the Indian film records, a two-part Indian epic historical fiction film that is the most expensive Indian film and recorded the highest-grossing opening for an Indian film at the box-office. Even trailer was a Superhit and Baahubali is first Indian movie to get a high rank on IMDB. Baahubali satellite rights sold on 25 crore and the Prabhas is the highest-earning Indian actor with 20 crore. Baahubali shooting location includes most of the beautiful places in India such as waterfalls, mountains, lakes film studios.

Expensive Indian Film Ever


Baahubali: The Beginning is the most expensive movie ever made in the history of Indian cinema to date at an estimated budget of Rs 250 crore.

Bahubali Weapons Museum


For the first time in India,Bahubali Museum being created and will have all the weapons, armours and costumes.

Invented a New Language

Bahubali -New-Language

The language was invented for the film’s terrifying warrior tribe Kalakeya, made up of about 750 words with its own set of 40 grammar rules.

Largest Film Poster


Baahubali, The Beginning movie has set a Guinness World Record for the largest film poster ever at 50,000 sq ft in size.

Record High Set


To gave the original view to the film, magnificent palaces, impregnable forts, breath-taking water falls were all created for the movie.

Widest Dubbed Film


Bahubali will be the first Indian film that will transcend regional boundaries and made in Telugu, Tamil and dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, English, French and Japanese.

Scenes Sketches


Over 15,000 sketches were used over a span of 1 year to be used for the scenes shot for the film, During the pre-production stages.

Special Visual Effects


South Indian films are also known to push the envelope in terms of visual effects, There are 5000 VFX shots used in the entire film to give it the massive appeal.

1.5 Crore on Personal Gym


It was reported that Prabhas and Rana Daggubati spent Rs 1.5 crore on equipment for a private gymnasium just to add bulk for the film and training for fight sequence.

Feature on BBC


Baahubali, The Beginning is the only Indian film to feature on BBC’s documentary on 100 years of cinema.

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