10 Reasons Why You Need PushAssist for Website Push Notifications

PushAssist is a website push notifications SaaS service provider that will notify your user about new messages, articles or events even when the user is not browsing your application/website. PushAssist notification services has been developed for all the devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) and provide unified service for sending push messages to Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Website Push Notifications by PushAssist

Push Notifications for All Device Type

PushAssist web notification allows website owners to send and see the notification for all different device types. Support is available for all type of devices Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop which helps you to bring back and engage your visitors in real time. You can also monitor and track the message delivery, clicks and other useful metrics.

Quick Setup

Setting up your account with PushAssist is extremely easy. Once you sign up with and activate the account you can send your first push notification in less than 5 minutes. Whether your site is on HTTP or HTTPS PushAssist does it all.

Real Time Tracking

PushAssist real time push notification tracking system allows you to monitor and optimize the performance of your push notification message in real time. You can track the total deliveries, subscribers and clicks in real time as they happen. You can do A/B test to see which types of message are generating more response from your visitors, customers.

Easy Message Constructor

Construct your push notification message while actually watching how it looks. Generating push notification messages have never been this easy, just a title, link and an image. PushAssist also allows you to add multiple websites all under one account. You can send notification to any of your site’s customer, visitors anytime.

Marketing Campaigns

Instantly segment your subscribers and define what message to send to whom and when. You can pre-set campaigns that will be delivered considering time-zones.

Awesome Features


Push Notifications are designed specifically for modern mobile devices and browser-centric laptops, these messages are at least 100 times cheaper than SMS. They offer quick 5 minutes setup to implement push notifications for ANY website from desktop or mobile websites that will help to trigger marketing campaigns, schedule push notification and much more.

Engage Audience

It allows you to send personalized, smart and contextually relevant push messages to Audience and also encourages your users to re-connect & engage resulting in increased traffic.

Increase Revenue

PushAssist is a powerful channel that when used correctly can be a true win-win for marketers and help you to encourages your users resulting in increased revenue.


You need to an intelligent marketing and business tool for Monitoring and Optimization of your product. It provides a great way to validate your marketing data visualization and other set of business analytics to increased revenue and traffic.

Schedule Notification

PushAssist notifications service allow website owners and companies to send customized, messages to a large number of customers scheduled at anytime of the day or day in future. These messages will also engage offline customers even when they are not browsing your website.


You can Sign Up here to active your FREE account, it included up to 2,500 active subscribers. They let you keep adding subscribers even when your plan limit is over so you never lose subscribers.

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