The 12 Most Famous and Tallest Clock Towers of India

Clock towers are a common towers in many parts of the Indian states with some being iconic buildings like Rajabai Clock Tower and Husainabad Clock Tower. These gigantic towers tallest among all the clock towers in India and perfect example to the artistic and structural skills. Other famous Ghanta Ghar or Clock Towers of India includes Aligarh Clock Tower,Tiruchirapalli Clock Tower,Clock tower of Lawrence school,Silver Jubilee Clock Tower,BITS Pilani Clock Tower,Clock tower Haridwar,Andaman and Nicobar clock tower, Clock Tower of Murshidabad and Clock Tower Shibpur.

Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai


The Rajabai Clock Tower is located in the confines of the Fort campus of the University of Mumbai at a height of 85 m (280 ft). Rajabai Tower is a beautiful clock tower erected during the reign of the British Empire in India and one of the major tourist attractions in Mumbai. Image Source: panoramio

Fazilka Clock Tower, Fazilka

Fazilka Clock Tower is also known as Ram Narain Periwal Clock Tower was built in the memory of a famous philanthropist of Fazilka. The beautiful Clock Tower is now a landmark of the city built at the centre of the town along with one of the tallest television tower or Fazilka TV Tower.

Chaura Bazaar Clock Tower, Ludhiana

The Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower is one of the oldest locations of ludhiana, popularly known as Ghanta Ghar, is more than 100 years old. Clock Tower was built in the memory of Queen Victiora.

Hussainabad Clock tower, Lucknow


The Husainabad Clock Tower is located in the Lucknow city near to the Rumi Darwaza at a height of 67 m (219 feet). Hussainabad Clock Tower is listed as the one of the tallest among all the clock towers in India. Image Source: mirchitravels

Secunderabad Clock Tower, Hyderabad


Secunderabad Clock Tower is located in the Secunderabad region of Hyderabad at a height of 37 m (120 feet). This has been selected as logo for Secunderabad on the occation of 200th Year celebrations of Secunderabad. Image Source:staticflickr

Clock Tower Dehradun

The Ghanta-ghar or Clock Tower of Dehradun is a giant structure with six functioning clocks,located at the center of the city. Dehradun has many beautiful old buildings include Clock Tower, Forest Research Institute,Darbar Sahib,Jama Masjid, Osho Meditation Center and
Morrison Memorial Church.

Clock Tower Kollam

Chinnakada is the heart of the city of Kollam and the Clock Tower is the symbol of the city situated at Chinnakada. The famous clock tower in Chinnakada is one of the places of interest and historical significance.

Ghanta Ghar Mirzapur

The famous Ghanta Ghar of Mirzapur is located in the city corporation 3km from the Mirzapur Railway Station. It was constructed in the year 1891, with its entire structure made up of finely carved stone and a 1000 kg alloy bell hanging from the tall structure.

Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur


Ghanta Ghar or the clock tower of Rajasthan is was constructed by the Sardar Singh of Jodhpur and the Clock Tower area is undoubtedly the most busiest and largest marketplace in Jodhpur. Image Source: rajasthanvisit

Mint Clock Tower, Chennai

The Mint Clock Tower of Chennai is one of the four standalone clock towers in Chennai, the other three being the ones at Royapettah, Doveton and Pulianthope. Clock tower remains a classic example of art deco architecture in the city.

Clock Tower Murshidabad

Clock Tower of Murshidabad is located in the Nizamat Fort Campus, lies on the garden spaces between the Nizamat Imambara and the Hazarduari Palace. The clock tower is surmounted by a heavy sounding bell.

Clock Tower Mysore


The Silver Jubilee clock tower is located in the historical city of Mysore, the clock tower is also called Dodda gadiara or the big clock tower and Dufferin Clock Tower is small clock tower located near KR Circle. Image source: thehindu

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