12 Most Amazing Road Bridges Across Indian Rivers

India has impressive network of railway and road bridges over the water bodies,which connects all the major Indian cities. Major road bridges in India are already listed in best bridges of India post, remaining river road bridges are here. Few newly constructed river bridge in India are Korthi Kolhar Bridge,Kalpi Yamuna bridge and Kosasthalaiyar river bridge .India will also have the highest railway bridge in the world, over river Chenab.

Ganga River Bridge


The long road bridge is situated near Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar. Vikramshila Setu is build across the holiest River Gange and named after Vikramasila University. The 4.7 km long river road bridge connects two major National Highways of India NH 80 and NH 31 running at two sides of the river Ganges.

Hoogly River Bridge


Nivedita Setu is known as Second Vivekananda Bridge runs parallel to old Vivekananda Setu. The Second Vivekananda Bridge is a 880 m long six lane road bridge across the River Hoogly in Kolkata. It is named after Sister Nivedita and located near to the historically important Dakshineswar Kali Temple. Major Belghoria Expressway passes through the Nivedita Setu and connects National Highways NH 2, NH 6 and NH 34.

Yamuna River Bridge


The beautiful Yamuna Bridge is build across the holy River Yamuna in Allahabad connecting Naini with Allahabad, also known as Naini bridge. Yamuna Bridge is  India’s biggest cable-stayed bridge, There are more proposed and under construction bridges across the river Yamuna as the part of Delhi Metro Rail project between Delhi and Noida.

Narmada River Bridge


The Narmada River Bridge also called as Second Narmada Bridge is the longest river bridge in the Indian state of Gujarat build over the holy River Narmada. The second Narmada Bridge is located at Zadeshwar on Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Mumbai section of National Highway 8.

Brahmaputra River Bridge


The Kolia Bhomora Setu is a concrete river road bridge over the holy Brahmaputra River and one of the major river of Asia. Kolia Bhomora bridge connects Sonitpur to Nagaon District near Tezpur in Assam. The 3.0 km long pre-stressed concrete road bridge is one of the longest river bridge in India, Famous Bhairabi Temple can be seen from the Kolia Bhomora Setu.

Mahanadi River Bridge


The Mahanadi Road Bridge is connects Cuttack and Jagatpur in the National Highway 5 through the Bhubaneswar- Jagatpur-Chandikhol stretch. Mahanadi bridge is one of the longest river road bridge of India build across the great River Mahanadi in Orissa state.

Sharavathi River Bridge


Sharavathi Bridge is located near Honnavar in Karnataka state build across the Sharavathi River. Sharavathi river is originates and flows entirely within the state of Karnataka along with majestic Western Ghats and formed the world famous Jog Falls.

Sone River Bridge


The jawahar setu is build across the Sone River between Dehri-on-Son and Son Nagar in the Indian state of Bihar. The 3 Km long river road bridge carries the world famous Grand Trunk Road or National highway 2 or Delhi-Kolkata Road. The Second longest railway bridge runs parallel to the Jawahar Setu is called Nehru Setu.

Kaveri River Bridge


The Cauvery Bridge is newly built road bridges across the River Cauvery on the Tiruchi-Chennai By-Pass Road. New Cauvery Bridge is a part of four-lane Tiruchi Chennai National Highway project and recently opened for public.

Kali River Bridge


The Kali River or Kalinadithe is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and flow through a small village Karwar. The bridge is one of the popular tourist destination situated at the confluence of the Kali river and the Arabian Sea along with the the Sadashivgad fort near the granite rock hill.

Godavari River Bridge


The godavari road bridge is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh and counted in one of the longest road bridges in India with the total spam 6 kms long, nearly the same distance of rail bridge of holy Godavari River.

Krishna River Bridge


The krishna river bridge is the replacement of old bridge at the downstream of the Nagarjunasagar Dam across the river Krishna. The holy Krishna River is the third longest river in India after the Ganges and the Godavari.


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    While the rest of the world is going with beautiful and graceful suspension bridges and beautiful and graceful cable-stayed bridges and beautiful and graceful arch bridges, india still builds ugly SIMPLE truss bridges and ugly SIMPLE concrete cantilever bridges and ugly SIMPLE box girder bridges.

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