15 Operational Metro Rail and Bus Rapid Transit System of India

Rapid transit system includes metro,BRTS,Monorail and Suburban Railways,These high-capacity public transport found in all the major cities of India. India’s first rapid-transit system was the Kolkata Metro and also the first underground metro railway system in India, Ahmedabad BRTS,Pune BRTS and Jaipur BRTS are few Indian cities with bus-based mass transit system.

Kolkata Metro


The Kolkata Metro was the first underground metro railway system in India,serving the city of Kolkata. It was the first underground railway to built in India and Kolkata Metro Line 2 or East-West Metro will have the the first underwater metro in India under the Hooghly River.

Delhi Metro


The Delhi Metro rapid transit system is the world’s 12th largest metro system in terms of length and number of stations. Delhi Metro was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and it became the second underground rapid transit system in India and all stations have escalators and elevators.

Namma Metro


Bangalore Metro also known as Namma Metro is an efficient public transport system for Bangalore city. Namma Metro system is operational in two phases known as Purple Line and Green Line.

Mumbai Metro


Mumbai Metro system is designed to reduce city traffic and overcrowded suburban railway. The rapid transit system built in three phases with advanced signalling system,automatic train protection system and and train control systems.

Gurgaon Metro


Gurgaon Metro system is India’s first fully privately financed metro,linked with the Delhi Metro Yellow Line. Rapid Metro Rail in the city of Gurgaon connects the commercial areas of Gurgaon and all 6 stations provided  WiFi service.

Jaipur Metro


Jaipur Metro rapid transit system is India’s sixth metro rail system and also touted as one of the fastest built metro systems in India. Jaipur Metro is the first metro in India to run on Double-storey elevated road and Metro track.

Chennai Metro


The Chennai Metro Rail transit system will be the first metro project in the country that will integrate other public transportation systems. Chennai Metro project has been partially completed and will be the seventh Indian city with metro rapid transit system in India.

Lucknow Metro


Recently inaugurated Lucknow Metro is one of the most expensive mass rapid transport system in India, First phase of Lucknow Metro has been completed and trail has been done.

Ahmedabad BRTS


Ahmedabad BRTS is operated by Ahmedabad Janmarg is the first bus rapid transit system in India,developed by Gujarat Infrastructure. Janmarg of Ahmedabad is a special purpose vehicle in order to provide faster, reliable, eco friendly and advanced public transportation to the people of Ahmedabad, by Shri Narendra Modi.

Indore BRTS


Indore is the first city of Madhya Pradesh to introduced BRTS under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Indore Bus Rapid Transit System connects all major corridors in Indore and also called as i-Bus(Intelligent Bus). Image source:motorindiaonline

Delhi BRTS


The Delhi Bus Rapid Transit System was opened during the 2010 Commonwealth Games but a failure due to the difficulty to access bus platforms which are in the middle of the road. Government has announced the scrapping of bus rapid transit system.

Rajkot BRTS


Rajkot BRTS is also known as Rajpath operated by Rajkot Rajpath Ltd, which has 45 m width and which passes through all importance centers of the city. The Rajpath also has Ring Road and BRTS corridor provides connectivity to major areas.

Jaipur BRTS

Jaipur Bus Rapid Transit Service is a modern rapid transport mode along with Jaipur Metro to solve the traffic problem in the pink city. Two corridors have been proposed for Jaipur BRTS, which will bring a massive change in the city.

Surat BRTS


Surat Bus rapid transit or Sitilink is a integrated bus system operational since 26 Jan, 2014. The Sitilink is the ambitious BRTS project in the city of Surat and third Bus Rapid Transit System in the state of Gujarat.Image source: suratsitilink

Vijayawada BRTS

The city of Vijayawada has dedicated corridor for bus rapid transit system and is the first city of South India to introduced BRTS. Vijayawada BRTS concept is very successful and more convenient option for people.

Mumbai Monorail


The Mumbai Monorail is the first operational monorail system for rapid transit in independent India. Mumbai Monorail master plan has 8 lines, Line 1 referred to as Jacob Circle-Wadala-Chembur line is the first phase consists of 7 stations and the Line 1 is the first monorail line in India and longest monorail corridor in India.

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