5 Must Know Tallest and Longest Bridges of India

Dhola Sadiya bridge, connecting Assam to Arunachal Pradesh state will be the longest bridge in India and expected to become operational in 2017. Other notable bridges of India are Kovvur Rajahmundry Bypass Bridge,Kota Chambal Bridge,Second Saraighat Bridge,Vangal Mohanur Bridge and longest bridge over river gange in Bihar are Bakhtiyarpur Tajpur Bridge,Munger Ganga Bridge,Digha Sonpur Bridge and Arrah Chhapra Bridge.

Dhola Sadiya Bridge – Longest Road Bridge


Dhola Sadiya bridge over Lohit river will be the longest bridge in India with length of 9.15 kms upon completion. The Bridge will connect the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and will reduce the travel time by four hours. Image source: sevendiary

Chenab Bridge – Tallest Rail Bridge


Chenab Railway Bridge is a arch bridge over the Chenab River between Bakkal and Kauri in Jammu and Kashmir. The Chenab Bridge will have height of 359 m, making it the world’s highest rail bridge.

Kacchi Dargah Bidupur Bridge – Longest Bridge Above Water

Kacchi Dargah Bidupur Bridge connecting Kacchi Dargah to Bidupur in across river Ganges in Bihar will be the longest bridge above water in India upon completion in 2020.

Katni Railway Bridge – Longest Railway Bridge

Katni Railway Bridge also called as Katni grade separator, will be the India’s longest railway bridge of 14 kms length on the up line. Katni grade separator in Madhya Pradesh will be longest rail bridge among the all 16 railway zones of the country.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link – Longest Sea Bridge

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link known as the Sewri Nhava Sheva Trans Harbour Link is a freeway grade road bridge, connecting Mumbai with Navi Mumbai. The proposed bridge would be the longest sea bridge in India with total length 21.8 kilometres.

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