5 Unfortunate Boat Disaster and Ferry Sinking Incident in India

India is home to some of the world’s most important rivers such as holy river Ganga,mighty river Brahmaputra and sacred Yamuna. These rivers are the life line of nation and source of food and way of transportation but some time things get wrong and accident occurred. There are many incident occurred in the past such as boat tragedy in Yamuna river,boat capsized on the Ganga river,boat tragedy at Hogenakkal and Boat capsizes in Krishna river.

2009 Thekkady Boat Disaster, Kerala

Andaman Boat Disaster

Thekkady boat disaster occurred on 30 September 2009, a double-decker passenger boat capsized in the Lake of Thekkady in Periyar National Park. The boat was used for sight-seeing in Thekkady,an important tourist attraction in the Kerala, 45 tourists died during the tragedy.

2010 Bengal Boat Disaster, West Bengal

Bengal Boat Disaster occurred on 30 October 2010, an over-crowded ferry sank in the Bhagirathi River in West Bengal. The ferry was returning from a religious festival when it hit by a sand bank.

2012 Dhubri Boat Disaster, Assam

Assam ferry sinking or Dhubri boat disaster occurred on April 30 2012 in Dhubri district. The boat carrying about 350 capsized in the Brahmaputra River,killing at least 103 people.

2014 Hirakud Boat Disaster, Odisha

Hirakud boat disaster occurred in Hirakud Dam reservoir on 9 February 2014,A boat carrying 115 passengers capsized in the Hirakud reservoir. The Hirakud boat accident around killed 31 people.

2014 Andaman Boat Disaster, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands boat disaster occurred on 26 January 2014,killing 22 people near Port Blair. The boat named as Aqua Marine was going from Ross Islands to North Bay Islands about 25 km from the Port Blair, sank because of over loading.

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