Five Monsoon Adventurous Things to Do in India

The rainy season or monsoon season is starts in India in early July and continues up to September,winds begin to blow over this country and that bring excessive rainfall. Monsoon sports includes Football in Rain,Mud Racing,Monsoon Cycling,Thrilling River Rafting and other river sports.

Water Sports


Adventures water sports that can be tried out during the monsoons are Canyoning,Flying Fox,Kayaking,zipping and White Water Rafting. The monsoons zipping across a waterfall is a unique experience,White water rafting is a challenging adventure sport during the monsoon and Kayaking but avoid the danger rides during monsoon season.

Waterfall Rappelling


Waterfall Rappelling for the adventure freaks is an exciting & thrilling technique used in mountaineering to descend steep slopes and mountain cliffs through Waterfall. The famous waterfalls of Maharashtra and Karnataka offers waterfall rappelling, an unexplored adventure spots in India. Image source:explorersgroup

Monsoon Trekking

Trekking_ in_ karnataka

Monsoon Trekking has become the best recreational activities during the weekend with a refreshing break from our monotonous life. Trekking,Hiking during the monsoon and sightseeing the green natural beauty of wonderful place,hills,Forts and landscape. The best weekend monsoon getaways around India are monsoon treks in the Sahyadris,ultimate monsoon to western ghats and trekking experience in Himalayas.

Angling Fishing


Angling is a method of fishing attached to a fishing rod and a principal method of sport fishing. The activity of trying to catch fish is also a recreational pastime, India is one of the second largest aquaculture farmed fish producer in the world. Marine and freshwater catch fishing combined with aquaculture fish farming is a rapidly growing industry in India.

Rice Transplantation


Transplanting rice is perhaps the most elaborate method of cultivation in the country,Transplantation of Paddy is one of the most adventurous and exciting things to do during the early monsoon. Rice production in India is an important part of the national economy,India is one of the world’s largest producers of rice.

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