Gujarat’s Pride-10 Outstanding Infrastructure of The State

Gujarat also known as Jewel of the West is the fasted growing state of India and its a country in itself having all the resource within. It is also the role model state for rest of India in terms of Infrastructure Projects, Tourism and economy. Gujarat state has ancient history of Indus Valley Civilization, world’s first seaports Lothal and an archaeological site Dholavira.



The Gujarat International finance Tec-city is under-construction business district,between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. GIFT City has special economic zone, integrated townships,Software Technology Parks,entertainment and shopping malls. Two 29-floor commercial towers have been completed, these two towers are the tallest building in the state of Gujarat.

Sardar Sarovar Dam


The Big Dam is known as Sardar Sarovar Dam build across the holy river Narmada, It is one of the five biggest dam in India with an height of 163 m (535 ft) and largest dam of the Narmada Valley Project. Sardar Sarovar Dam also has a beautiful garden known as sardar sarovar garden and long canals.

Solar Park

Solar panel Gujarat

Gujarat Solar Park is the Asia’s largest solar park hub and Charanka Solar Park also became the world’s second largest photovoltaic power station. Solar Park is built on a 2,000-hectare plot of land near Charanka village. The innovative concept and largest solar field installed  with Smart Grid Technologies and World’s second largest in terms of installed power production capacity.

Narmada Canal


The Narmada Canal is blessing for the farmers and are the biggest lined irrigation canal in the world. Canal Solar Power Project over 19,000 Kilometre long network of Narmada canals is first ever such project in India and Gujarat become the first state in the country to generate solar power through panels mounted on a water body.

Second Narmada Bridge


The second Narmada Bridge at Zadeshwar on NH8 is a 6 km long bridge developed on Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Mumbai section. Narmada Bridge is the longest river bridge in the state located next to first Narmada bridge in Bharuch.

Statue of Unity


The Tallest Statue of the world will be installed facing the Narmada Dam. It is the 182 metres monument of Vallabhbhai Patel located at Sadhu Bet, an island situated near to Sardar Sarovar Dam. This inspiring memorial site is located between the Satpuda and Vindhyachal Ranges rising weir Narmada River and offer amazing
picturesque backdrop and server as eco-tourism spot.

Varachha Flyway


The Eastern expressway is known as Varachha Flyway,Surat is also called as city of flyovers is one of the fastest developing cities in India. Varachha Flyway is one of the very few multi-layer flyovers in India and longest flyovers under city of Surat.

Ahmedabad BRTS


The bus rapid transit system in Ahmedabad known as Janmarg -the people’s way and Ahmedabad BRTS. 12 currently operational lines are judged as World’s best Sustainable Transport System lines and extremely popular as well as successful in Ahmedabad.

National Expressway 1

Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway

The Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway is known as National Expressway 1 or Mahatma Gandhi Expressway connecting the two growing cities of Ahmedabad and Vadodara. National expressway is fenced to prevent the entry of two wheelers and cattle, along with several underpasses and overbridges to allow vehicles to cross over a and plans to upgrade to six lanes.

Sacred Architecture


Gujarat is famous for its temples and architectural expertise of Sacred places. Akshardham Gandhinagar,Somnath temple,Ambaji Mata mandir,Dwarkanath Temple,Palitana temples,Hutheesing Jain Temple,Gurdwara Lakhpat Sahib, Sidi Saiyyed Mosque,St Paul’s Church and Modhera sun temple.

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